Lions Links: Your Daily Fix of Detroit Lions News, April 6, 2016

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It’s been a slow Detroit Lions news day, one of the following is a joke.

The most up to date information available has the Lions salary cap space sitting at over $18 million minus Ridley and Gillberry’s exact values. For those of you wondering, unused cap space is transferred to the following season. There are still quite a few free agents left to pick from, but the majority of the ones that are left are likely to wait until after the draft, and pick a spot where they’re not going to immediately lose their spot to a rookie.

What’s next for the Lions roster? If I were to venture a guess, they’ll draft some players, and then sign a few more to come in to camp and get cut, then focus on extending their own talent and building through the draft. But that’s not really a fun thing to speculate……… Jerry Rice comes out of retirement for one last ride!

The fanbase is in a tizzy because Mel Kiper picked Laquon Treadwell to go to the Lions at 16 with several players at positions of need still on the board. I don’t know, who is a better value in the middle of the first round? A right tackle or a third wide receiver? Both are starting positions in the league with a third receiver being on the field for more than half of the offensive snaps in the NFL last year.

There is some precedent in nature for the possibility of Eric Ebron taking a step forward in his third year.

The Lions are featuring Jack Conklin on their site today. I’ve said before, they almost never take anyone who gets the pre-draft treatment. We’ll see if Bob Quinn has a little less veto concern than Martin Mayhew.

Stevan Ridley has a positive outlook about his prospects moving forward. I will say one thing about this year’s free agent group coming to the Lions, they all seem like they’d be really good guys to hang out with. These are some good people coming to Detroit.

There’s your look at the essential Lions news of the day. Think I missed something? You can find me on Twitter @a5hcrack or on Reddit prowling /r/detroitlions

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