The Detroit Lions Podcast Fantasy Football Leagues are Live

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Detroit Lions Podcast Fantasy Football is back. Restore your roar!

Oh, I didn’t see you there fellow Detroit Lions fan. It’s fortunate that you’ve chosen this moment to arrive, I was just about to start talking about this year’s Detroit Lions Podcast fantasy football leagues. It’s a lot less weird if there’s someone in the room listening. Pull up a stump and sit around the fire. I’ll go over the details about how the 2019 season is going to work. We’ve decided to make a few changes that I think you are going to like. Then again, if you want to sign up right now, click here to reserve your spot in one of our leagues.

The first change is that we’re dropping the individual defensive player leagues. We’re going to be playing the brand of fantasy football that you already know and love. The second change is that we’re dropping the inter-league championships. We’re making these changes based directly upon your feedback, our goal is to make this as fun as possible.

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Detroit Lions Podcast Fantasy Football

So, now that I’ve said what we’re not doing I can get to what we are doing. This is, at its heart, a fundraiser for the podcast. The hamster wheel needs greasing to cover the bandwidth, hosting, and occasional gear upgrades that make the hosts sound less like they’re standing in a metal tube during a tornado. In previous years we’ve done the prizing effectively like a 50/50 draw at a sporting event. The winner of each tier won half the money raised.

We are drastically increasing the number of people who are going to get prizes in this year’s fantasy football leagues. The winner gets cash, the runner up gets less cash. Third place gets their entry fee back, and a shirt from the merch store. Fourth place nets that player a free shirt. The higher the tier you choose to play in, the bigger these payouts are going to be, and now you have a much higher chance of winning a prize. There will be a champion’s tier, an intermediate tier, and a beginner’s tier. The beginner tier’s entry fee is less than the price of the shirts, and as a result, the prizes are a little different.

The point of fantasy football is to have fun, but winning the cash to pay a couple of bills because you dominated some other podcast fans, while also helping us keep the lights on, is a nice bonus. Each league will have 12 players, and we will open up as many leagues as we have to in order to accommodate all the people who sign up to play. We want everyone to have some fun with us.

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The Rules of the Leagues

We’re playing in Yahoo standard fantasy football leagues with .5 point per reception (PPR) scoring. There is no weird fine print. In order to keep the guys whose drafts get blown up with week two injuries interested and making their lineups, the waiver wire will be done the way the NFL does it. If you are in last place, you have top waiver priority. If you are winning the league, you are last in waiver priority.

The drafts will occur on Sept 1, 2019. This is for every fantasy football league. If you can not make that draft date and are not willing to set up a big board for an auto draft, please do not play. I will be the commissioner for every league, but I am generally a fairly hands-off guy unless someone complains about an obvious attempt to game the system and go after the cash. The difference between a bad trade and an illegal trade is whether or not the members of the league see fit to complain, and whether or not I agree with them after consulting the players involved.

Play fair gentlefolk. The only rule is “don’t cheat” and if it’s broken, the offender(s) will be kicked out of the fantasy football league without a refund and I will finish the season for the teams involved to the best of my ability.

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Detroit Lions Podcast Pick-Em Leagues

Speaking of pick-em leagues, I’m not sure if you guys know this. Case and a bunch of the present and former r/nfl mods do a pick-em fantasy football league that Case wins every year. If you’d like a shot at beating Case at his own game, after all, he’s not really a hardcore fantasy player, this year you’ll get your shot. In addition to the fantasy leagues, we will be running a couple of different styles of pick-em pools, also on Yahoo.

The first pool will be a big-money pool. You and every other player who chooses to enter this pool will be battling for a single cash prize going to the winner. Second, third, and fourth place will get free shirts. We will also be doing small batch leagues where you’ll battle it out with only nine other players. The pots will, of course, be smaller in those fantasy football leagues, but you have a much better shot at winning.

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How to Play in the Detroit Lions Podcast Fantasy Football Leagues

This could not be simpler. Just click on the league you want to join below.  Have fun Detroit Lions Podcast fans.

League Type Tier Entry Fee Grand Prize Second Third Fourth
Fantasy football Champion $50 $140 $110 $50 + Shirt Shirt
Intermediate $25 $80 $45 $25 + Shirt Shirt
Beginner $15 $40 $30 $15
Pick-em Big Money $5 50% of all entry fees
Small Batch $5 $25


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