Articles by Ash Thompson

Detroit Lions GM Candidate John Schneider

John Schneider is the most qualified of the Detroit Lions GM candidates who have never had autonomous control over an NFL roster. The biggest question is not should the Lions hire Schneider, but does he actually want the job?

Lions GM Candidates: Rick Smith

Rick Smith has experience as a pro personnel executive and served as the Houston Texans GM for 11 seasons. The Detroit Lions made him one of their first interviews to fill the vacant GM position.

Can the Detroit Lions Turn Their Season Around?

The folks in the slack were discussing the next seven-game stretch and looking at it, there are a ton of winnable games. I honestly would not be much more surprised if the Lions won six than if they won one. So, I did what I’ve always done… I checked a bunch of statistics. Going into week five, I thought I would compare how the 1-3 Lions stack up with their upcoming opponents.