5 Veterans Who Could Lose Their Job This Offseason

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Detroit has 90 players on its roster right now, and come September, they will be have to be down to 53. As ever, some rookies will surprise and make the team, others will get cut. Usually veteran players are ones who have the spots on lock, but during certain times they can get tested and ousted by either a new face, or a rookie who is younger and can impress with playing time and skill. Let’s look at five veteran players who could get sent home packing.

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Stefan Charles – DT

Detroit has plenty of defensive tackles on the team, many are young and Charles is one of the many on a one year deal. Haloti Ngata, A’Shawn Robinson, Caraun Reid, and Tyrunn Walker could end up being the only defensive tackles on the team. There is a chance that Charles makes the team, but he could end up on the outside looking in, especially considering he is on a one year deal and wouldn’t get much playing time.

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Gabe Wright – DT

While he isn’t much of a veteran, getting drafted last season, but Gabe Wright is in the same situation as Charles. Wright has the better chance to make the team since he has more years left on his contract and he is less costly than Charles. He also has a chance to stay on the team, but Detroit could end up only carrying four tackles or Charles over Wright.

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Cornelius Lucas – OT

Taylor Decker and Geoff Schwartz were signs of Detroit looking for upgrades on the tackle position. Schwartz can play guard as well, and may end up playing that position come week one, but overall this smells like trouble for Lucas. Lucas was replaced by Michael Ola last season and was the backup for the rest of the year. Lucas is not a valuable backup at all, and if Decker ends up winning the job at either tackle position, Ola will be the backup and a valuable one for Detroit.

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Don Muhlbach – LS

Muhlbach is only on this list because of the decision to draft long-snapper Jimmy Landes. Detroit could end up letting Landes have a season to learn the ropes, but there is a chance they throw him in to the starting job and let Muhlbach go. At 34 years of age the veteran long snapper has seen his share of game time and could consider retirement after being let go from the team.

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Kyle Van Noy – LB

Van Noy is in his prove it year. He has been a backup for most of his career, missing half of his rookie season due to injury. Levy, Whitehead and Bynes seem to be the starters with Van Noy not really having a shot to win the job. Backups seem to be Jon Bostic, and Antwione Williams. If Detroit is willing to have six linebackers on the roster, Van Noy has a shot. If they don’t, expect him to be off the list. Van Noy has only had 16 tackles in his career, so his production is low.

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