Sam Martin and Theo Riddick Sign Contract Extensions with Detroit Lions

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The Detroit Lions have made some contract extension moves for the team’s future before kickoff happens on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts. They have re-signed running back Theo Riddick and punter Sam Martin to new deals as both were on their final year of their contract. This was a smart move by GM Bob Quinn to get these players signed before the season starts so there is less distractions for the team. Now Detroit still has to figure out what they will do with Ziggy Ansah and others as the 2013 rookie class is looking to get paid.

Theo Riddick’s Contract Extension

Theo Riddick signed a three year deal for $12.75 million. This is a very cheap and fair offer for the team, as Riddick has become one of the best receiving backs in the NFL, with having 80 catches for 697 yards and three touchdowns and on the ground getting 43 carries for 133 yards last season. Theo Riddick coming back is huge for the Detroit Lions as now they have another weapon for Matt Stafford for years to come and it helps with the running back depth.

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 Sam Martin’s Contract Extension

Sam Martin was another Detroit Lion who signed a contract extension with the team today and Martin is rolling in the dough. He signed a four year deal for $13.6 million with $1 million in more in incentives. This will make Martin the third highest paid punter in the NFL and it is well worth it. In his three years in the league, Martin has punted the ball inside the 20 yard line 76 times out of the 220 punts, giving him a 34.5 percentage of getting the ball inside the 20, along with 18 touchbacks and 59 fair catches. Out of all the 220 punts, only 70 have been returned which means 68 percent of the time, Detroit doesn’t have to worry about a return.

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