Ask the Intern: Golden Tate and the Comeback Cardiac Cats

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Questions This Week Revolve Around Golden Tate and The NFC North

Detroit had another comeback win, this time in Minnesota on Sunday. Going into the bye they are 5-4 and in the playoff hunt. One reason why Detroit has comeback in games again and again is because of Golden Tate coming back from the dead after having a harsh start to the year. With the bye week coming up, Detroit gets to relax and heal up before they play Jacksonville.

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Question 1: What Has Caused Golden Tate to Re-emerge as a Solid Threat?

I am not much of an X’s and O’s kind of guy. I don’t know all the formations and the playcalling, schemes etc., but I think Jim Bob Cooter has changed his playcalling somewhat. After having seven catches on seven targets in week one for 41 yards, Tate took a dip. In the next four games, Tate had 10 catches on 24 targets for 93 yards. Since his four game dip Tate surged back into a threat, getting 32 catches on 43 targets for 379 yards and two touchdowns.

Jim Bob Cooter said he was going to get Tate more involved in the offense and he has. He has called more wide receiver screens and jet sweeps for Tate and he has been getting the job done. So, Jim Bob Cooter calling more plays for Tate to perform well and use his skill set could be the reason why he has become a solid threat again.

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Question 2: Are the Lions the Best Comeback Team in the NFL?

In all nine games so far this year, Detroit has been losing in the fourth quarter. They have won five of those games. Tennessee and Chicago were two games they should have won, so Detroit should have seven comeback wins instead of five. Even getting rid of that theory, Detroit still lost four games. You could say they are the best since they have five comebacks this year, but they have failed four times as well.

Still with how this team has played this year, they have been great at game winning drives. Stafford has lead the team multiple times this season to comeback and win. I will say though that this team is the best comeback team in the NFL. They may not always win, but don’t rule them out if time is low and it is a field goal or touchdown game.

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Question 3: Could Detroit Win the NFC North?

It is possible. Right now Detroit is in second place, a half game behind the Vikings. Here is the current standings:

  1. Minnesota Vikings 5-3 (1-2)
  2. Detroit Lions 5-4 (1-2)
  3. Green Bay Packers 4-4 (2-1)
  4. Chicago Bears 2-6 (2-1)

Detroit does have a loss to Chicago and Green Bay, but a win over Minnesota right now is big. Detroit still plays everyone again and all at home. Detroit will have a good chance to get revenge over Chicago and possibly Green Bay. Beating Minnesota again won’t be easy, but it is still possible. Detroit has an easy schedule for the rest of the season and if they can continue to step up and win big games, they could win their first division title since 1993.

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