Four Games to Watch in the NFC While the Lions Are Resting

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While the Lions Are on Their Bye Week, Figure Out Who to Cheer For in These Impact Games

The NFC playoff race is heating up and we have a race inside the NFC North and outside the top two spots. Dallas and Atlanta are starting to pull away from the crowd in the conference. Seattle is in the middle of the crowd, as they aren’t pulling away like Dallas and Atlanta, but they are above the mediocre crowd that is below them. Outside of those three spots, Detroit could be the fourth seed or as low as the sixth seed. Detroit is currently on the outside looking in the playoff picture, so you are going to need to cheer for someone this Sunday to help the Lions out. Check out the impact games for Detroit this week.

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Game 1: Minnesota Vikings vs. Washington Redskins

The first one is the hardest one. Minnesota is in our division and while it should be an easy choice, Washington is currently the number six seed, even though Detroit beat them earlier this season. If Washington wins, thenthe Lions have a chance to become the number one seed in the NFC North. If Minnesota wins, then Washington falls down as the six seed and Detroit has a chance to take that spot.

So, while Detroit will be possibly in the playoffs no matter the result, it will be better if Detroit is in first place in the NFC North rather than a wildcard spot. The Redskins are the team to cheer for.

Game 2: Green Bay Packers vs. Tennessee Titans

This one is a clear choice. Tennessee is in the AFC and Green Bay is in the NFC and in the NFC North. Green Bay has been struggling and a loss to Tennessee would be huge. Detroit fans, cheer for Tennessee this week as even if Minnesota wins, they would be a game up on Green Bay and that could be huge down the road.

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Game 3: Denver Broncos vs. New Orleans Saints

Now we are heading outside of the division and looking at the NFC as a whole. Denver is the six seed right now in the AFC, while the Saints are one spot behind Detroit right now. If the Saints win, they could possibly jump Detroit and have a chance to be in the playoff picture.

Detroit plays New Orleans later in the season, so the winner of that matchup will own the tiebreaker. As of right now though, Denver needs to win this game to keep Detroit’s hopes up.

Game 4: Cincinnati Bengals vs. New York Giants

Another team who is second place in their division to go against. New York is behind Dallas in the NFC East, but with a 5-3 record they are the number five seed right now. Detroit is in second in their division as well, so they aren’t behind New York either. A loss could help Detroit on their quest for a playoff spot.

Like the Saints, Detroit plays New York later in the season, so a head to head tiebreaker could be the deciding factor. Right now though, Detroit needs every advantage it can get and a loss for the Giants would be nice to see on Monday Night Football.

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