Ask The Intern: Stafford’s Health, Rushing Attack And Rookie Performance

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Injuries Are A Key Focus In This Week’s Article

Detroit controls its own destiny. With three games left Detroit has to just win two more to be guaranteed a division title and playoff appearance. If Detroit can win and get some help from Chicago, then they could clinch this week. It will be tough with Matt Stafford playing hurt and the backfield behind him banged up. Luckily with the help of some rookie offensive lineman, it should be a little bit easier.

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Question 1: Does The Hand Injury To Stafford Make His Ability To Throw Decline?

Having the glove on his hand will affect Stafford for the rest of the season. You saw him throw two interceptions on Sunday, one was just tipped and the other was a bad read by Stafford. So while you can’t put all the blame on the glove for those interceptions, Stafford does have a history with a glove on, and it isn’t good. Here it talks about his past with a glove and you want to hope he can turn it around. Don’t expect many deep passes with him wearing the glove though and to rely on rushing the ball a little bit more.
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Question 2: What Is Your Outlook On The Running Game?

We are banged up rushing the ball. Detroit only has one completely healthy running back and that is Joique Bell. Ameer Abdullah is banged up and could return, Theo Riddick is dealing with a wrist injury, Dwayne Washington is playing through an ankle issue and Zach Zenner was in the concussion protocol during last weeks game.
Our rushing attack is weak, literally. If Detroit can get some players at 100 percent then this backfield is loaded. The good thing is Washington can at least still play with his injury, the others have to sit with them. If Zenner can pass the concussion tests then he would be some help. Riddick may just have needed the week off, so hopefully he can return this week. The final big question is Ameer Abdullah, if he can return that would be huge for Detroit. Trying to get into the playoffs and win the division, him returning would be a big boost in the backfield.
So overall, if Detroit can get healthy, we can help more on the run and with Stafford dealing with that injured finger, we need all the help we can get.
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Question 3: What Rookie Has Stood Out The Most?

This one is a tie between two rookies. Taylor Decker and Graham Glasgow. Taylor Decker was the projected starting left tackle, while Glasgow a backup center. Week 15 is coming up and Decker has been starting at the left tackle spot all year and Graham Glasgow has started at center once, seven times at left guard. Both have exceeded expectations.
Decker has started all 13 games this year and has been the left tackle we have needed. Decker has only allowed three and a half sacks and gotten six flags. While Reiff was good at left tackle for his career, having him move to the right side so Decker could play left tackle was a great move by the team.
Graham Glasgow is only on the list because of his transition. He was projected a backup center, and later bumped former first round pick Laken Tomlinson out of the left guard spot, and has done well with it this season.
Last week Travis Swanson was injured, so Glasgow had to move back to center and he did well enough that he even got flagged for hands to the face when the other team was doing it to him. Glasgow has only allowed two sacks and has gotten five penalties. If Glasgow would have sat the bench as a backup he wouldn’t be here, but his ability to knock off a former first round pick and make him the backup says something. Without both of these guys the offensive line wouldn’t be the same.

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