Eric Ebron Is Back On The Trade Block For Detroit

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The Former First Round Pick Is On The Block In Detroit.

For months fans of the Detroit Lions have wanted him gone, and now it might actually happen. The most popular number 10 pick in the NFL draft, tight end Eric Ebron is supposedly on the trade block according to Adam Schefter.

The Detroit Lions were supposedly shopping Ebron last season, and as the deadline approached Ebron would stay put in Detroit, and it seemed to be that all the trade talk fueled Ebron as his performance increased as the season progressed as he became a great weapon for quarterback Matt Stafford and the offense.

The team picked up Ebron’s option for 2018, which will pay him $8.25 million next season if he stays on the team. Ebron had a good 2017 season, finishing with 53 catches for 574 yards and four touchdowns. Teams that are interested in a young tight end that has potential to become great should be interested in Ebron, and Detroit can use that for leverage in the upcoming draft, or even free agency next week.

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What Could The Detroit Lions Do If They Trade Away Eric Ebron?

While Ebron’s performance has increased, don’t expect the world in return as we have seen so far in the 2017 off-season. The Seattle Seahawks gave up star defensive end Michael Bennett and a seventh-round pick for just a fifth-round pick, and wide receiver Marcus Johnson. The Kansas City Chiefs gave up superstar cornerback Marcus Peters and a sixth-round pick, for just a second-round and fourth-round pick from the LA Rams. The Rams also traded away linebacker Alec Ogletree and a seventh-round pick for a fourth-round and sixth-round pick from the New York Giants.

Those players are all better than Ebron, and the teams giving them up barely got anything worth the player’s value in return. Detroit won’t be getting a first or even a second-round pick in return for Ebron. If Detroit ends up shopping Ebron, expect one or two mid-round picks and/or a player that can help Detroit for at least one season. Jeff Risdon from USA Today threw out an interesting tweet regarding the return Detroit could get for Ebron

Now his own idea works and works well for the Lions. They could still get whoever they wanted at number 20, but move up into the first again, or higher in the second to get a possible stud running back that they don’t believe will be there when they are on the clock in the second round.

Now Detroit could also trade Ebron for picks in the middle rounds, and use those picks to draft a replacement instead of going for a high profile tight end, just find one in the middle rounds and work with him.

If Detroit wants to go all in when it comes to free agency, they could target Jimmy Graham, Tyler Eifert, Trey Burton, or Martellus Bennett and get an instant replacement for Ebron, and they can use those picks they get for other positions for depth, or trade those away for other players or picks.

With all the talk going on about him being on the block, Ebron is enjoying the fun on twitter.

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