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After making a few big cuts to create cap space, the Lions signed seven players today. Tyrunn Walker received a 1 year, 1.6 million dollar contract, and the other six were given exclusive rights tenders. To put that in layman’s terms, they are basically low risk minimum salary contracts that teams can give to players with under three years’ experience. The players only get paid if they make the team come fall cuts.

George Winn and Corey Fuller will make $600,00 if they make the team, linebacker Brandon Copeland,  safety Isaiah Johnson, and defensive tackle Khiry Thornton $525,000, and center Braxton Cave $450,000. Winn like last year will be competing with a running back to be named for the 4th string spot. Fuller will have to prove he is worth keeping around for wide-receiver depth and special teams value. Copeland was a solid special teams guy last year and played linebacker in a few situations and I like his odds to make the team. Johnson played a in little under half the games last season. Thornton was claimed off waivers from the Patriots last year. Cave made the team last year and will need to show improvement and prove his worth to a new GM.

Once again, these are low risk tender contracts that the players have to earn. The Lions now have around 30 million to play with heading into free-agency, and possibly 11 more pending Calvin’s decision.

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