Ep: 113 – Lions Launch Into Preseason – The Detroit Lions Podcast

In this episode of the Detroit Lions Podcast, Chris and Carlos take a look back at the Lions first preseason game of 2017, take a look at the injury report as a result of the game, discuss big winners (and guys who need help) coming out of the game, do some housekeeping for the subreddit, and look ahead to the match-up against the Jets.

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This week in Reddit is all about preseason performances. We start out with Kenny Golladay and while we have tempered expectations on him and this is only a single data point… Wow. He looked really good out there. We’re trying to contain our excitement while talking about his move ahead to taking first team reps and then we overshoot by talking about the possibility of him leapfrogging proven talent. A bridge to far, but one worth crossing.

We also take some time to break down performances from Matthew Stafford, the offensive Line, the running back corps, and the defensive line in preseason game one. There’s a lot to talk about in here, definitely worth the listen, but understand… We played the Colts, and its far too easy to get hype based on the result of a single game against poor competition.

Lastly, Cantankerous takes us for a ride in his world famous, ‘Around The Division’ segment where we get a good look at what’s happening with the most important Lions competition.

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