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In this episode of the Detroit Lions Podcast, Chris and Case break down the latest news and information from Reddit, dig deep with Jeff ‘The Riz’ Risdon, and best of all, we interview current Lions punter (and soon to be NFL superstar) Kasey Redfern.

This week in Reddit is smokin’. We start out with the biggest Lions news of the year so far, Matthew Stafford‘s wicked new contract. We are joined by DetroitLionsPodcast.com‘s own Ash Thompson (our resident capologist) to dig into the numbers and what they mean for the team. We also provide our take on the Patriots game, a quick injury report, and have a good discussion about the exposure of Jarrad Davis and how he will grow as a result.

Of course, Case takes us through his world famous, ‘Around The Division’ segment where we get a good look at what’s happening with the Lions competition in the NFC North.

We are joined by Lions Punter, Kasey Redfern, on the show for an interview. Talk about a guy who can get you to root for him, he has it all. We talk about his path into the NFL from playing goal keeper in club level soccer to high school and college punter, through the NFL draft and some of its pitfalls, and we end up total fans. What an amazing guy, what an amazing story. I think Lions fans can be united in their belief that Kasey is an NFL-level talent and will end up playing on an NFL team this year. Certainly after this interview, they will be rooting for him to do so.

Lastly, we are joined by Jeff “The Riz” Risdon to talk about the hottest Lions topics in a segment that never disappoints. You never want to miss out on “Risdon’s Wisdom”.

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