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Versatile safety Eric Reid could be a useful addition to the 2018 Lions roster under Matt Patricia

Jack of all trades, master of none. That’s Eric Reid. A former first-round pick in 2013, Eric Reid transitioned to a new scheme for the fourth time in four years, this time under defensive coordinator Robert Salah.

Reid blossomed as a true swiss army knife with his potent combination of wits and speed allowing him to fly around the field. The 49ers utilized him as a free defender near the line, dime linebacker, high hole player, and high safety. In man, he matched up with tight ends and backs in space. He improved as the season went on and he grew more comfortable in the scheme.

Reid has a long and lanky frame with the athleticism to play corner. He shows very good acceleration and agility, good balance and change of direction, and solid fluidity and quickness.




Pro Position(s)


Prospect (Last, First)

Reid, Eric

DOB (Age)


Scout Name (Last, First)

Trapp, Zack







Free agent 



INJURIES 2017 – Knee(3 Weeks, WK3-5)

2016 –Bicep(6 Weeks, WK12-17)

2015 – no games missed

2014 – Concussion(1 Week, WK17)

2013-no games missed


2013 Pro Bowler, 2013 NFL All-Rookie Team, 10 Career Interceptions

2017-2 Interceptions, 52 Tackles, 736 Snaps


Height Weight 40 YD 10 YD Arm Hand Vert 3Cone SS Broad Bench
6012 213lbs. 4.53s 1.63s 33 5/8 10” 40.5” 6.99s 4.22s 1102” 17 reps


Never one to shy from contact, Reid is a physical player that is effective throwing two-hand jams in catch man against backs and tight ends. He takes good angles into coverage and has excellent quickness, hip fluidity, and route anticipation to play basketball with athletic backs in space.

He drops to his spot quickly in zone and plays with his eyes to the quarterback. He recognizes routes in front of him well and plants and drives to blow up underneath routes. Reid can locate the ball from press or off and can close and get a free hand in to deflect the catch. He’s recorded 10 career interceptions.

Reid is an aggressive run support player that improved at diagnosing blocking schemes throughout the year. He’s rarely fooled by misdirection and has the speed to outstrip players sideline to sideline. He’s very good as a force player where he can sift to the outside and stay in leverage to force the ball to his help. He dominates receivers when engaged one-on-one and can evade most lineman in space. When he’s stationary, he can go low to upend stronger running backs.


He lacks some precision in man coverage. He’ll play too high up on slower players and is a bit stiff transitioning from a pedal. In zone, he shows poor awareness of routes developing behind him.

Reid can get overzealous in run support and abandon his gap when he sees color flash. When he’s unsure of the blocking scheme, Reid will play hesitant. When he’s not the aggressor, Reid can get swallowed up and moved downfield by linemen and tight ends. He struggles to disengage late to find the ball carrier. In the open field, he’ll drop his head coming into the tackle and will frequently whiff on slippery playmakers.


Matt Patricia loves versatile, physical safeties. In New England, Patrick Chung and Devin McCourty formed one of the league’s premier safety duos. With dynamic athleticism, good man coverage, and deft run support, Eric Reid should present an appealing option. He’s best suited for a scheme that utilizes him most often near the ball and allows him to play sideline to sideline, erase tight ends in man, and cover short area zones.

Grade: 6.25(Starter You Can Win With)

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