Ameer Abdullah Struggles With Ball Security Against The Giants

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Ameer Abdullah Had A Disappointing Performance In His Second Preseason Game.

Ameer Abdullah had a very impressive preseason debut for the Detroit Lions last week against the Raiders. He rushed four times for sixteen yards and added a reception for seven yards.

Most importantly, Ameer Abdullah looked quick. He looked crisp. For the first time in a very long time, Ameer Abdullah looked healthy.

During the offseason, many fans suspected that Ameer Abdullah would be traded or could be a potential roster cut. I’ll admit that I was guilty of this myself. I’ll also admit that I was one of the many fans that immediately had their faith restored in Ameer Abdullah after his impressive 2018 debut.

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Ameer Abdullah’s game against the New York Giants was significantly less impressive. Preseason performances can often be misleading, but you never want to see recurring issues with players. Abdullah has struggle with ball security in the past, and he struggled once again in the Detroit Lions second preseason game.

Abdullah fumbled a carry behind the line of scrimmage as well as failing to successfully field a kick. Those could be isolated incidents. It’s only two individual reps. I certainly hope that is the case. Regardless, it is never encouraging to see old problems start popping back up again, and that is certainly what we saw from Ameer Abdullah against the Giants on Friday night.

I’m starting to believe that Ameer Abdullah’s roster position is safe, but we should definitely be hoping for performances closer to his first outing than the one that we saw against the Giants. The good news is, he still looks healthy and he still looks explosive, he just needs to clean up the ball security.

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