Josh Sweat Should Be Sought After By Detroit Lions To Fill Pass Rushing Need At EDGE

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A Look At 2018 Draft Prospect Josh Sweat As A Potential Selection By The Detroit Lions

Josh Sweat Needs To Be Coached Up

There is a lot to love about Florida State pass rusher Josh Sweat. At 6’4″, 250 lbs, he ran a blazing 4.53 40-yard dash time. He has long arms for his frame (34 5/8″) which help him create great extension as a pass rusher. But he really needs to work on building up his lower body in the weight room, while focusing on snap anticipation on the field. For being such an explosive athlete, his first step was very slow at times. This aspect of his game being so hold and cold makes you question his motor somewhat.

His hand usage and pass rush movements are really wild. Has immense power and violence to his game when he puts it together. One of the better prospects at converting speed-to-power in this class. While you do really like his extension, he needs to work on stack and shedding more quickly. Too often he was behind a running play because he failed to get free of his block a second sooner. When he takes poor angles to the ball-carrier, it only exacerbates this issue for Sweat.

Why Josh Sweat Should Be A Target For The Lions

Hand usage is one of the easier aspects of the game to coach for defensive lineman. New Lions head coach Matt Patricia has been heralded for his ability to get the most out of his front seven. Believing in this ability gives you some freedom to take a riskier player like Sweat on day two, in order to get a player with his athletic ability. Rarely do you get players that have his athletic ability outside of the first round.

While he does rely on his bull rush move and slap more often than you would like, his other moves can be developed. His spin move can be improved with better footwork. This could serve as a good counter for Sweat, as he could utilize his loose hips to convert the speed to power.

Ultimately, if you are taking Sweat, you have to be comfortable with coaching him up for a season or two before he can be your DE1 or DE2. But, if his medical clears, he has one of the highest ceilings of any prospect beyond round one in this class.

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