Glover Quin Was Among Of The Best Free Safeties Of The NFL’s 2017 Season

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A Look At Free Safety Glover Quin’s 2017 Season Performance And Future Outlook.

In 2017, Glover Quin continued to resist the regression that typically affects players once they hit thirty years of age. At the age of 32, Quin had arguably one of the best seasons of his own career, as well as one of the best at the free safety position as a whole, last season. What’s even more impressive is doing so at a position that requires a good deal of athletic ability, which is usually the first trait that trails off this late into a career.

Racking up 84 tackles in 2017 was the 2nd highest total for Quin’s career. This total was also 7th best at his position as well. He played down in the box last year, much more so than in years past, so this is partially the reason for the high tackle count. But, that is not to discredit Quin’s impact as a tackler last year.

Contrarily, he was put down in the box so often because he showed each week he could be counted on to fight through traffic make the stop against the run. His mental processing is among the fastest on the defense, which helped him diagnose and blow up running plays in 2017.

The veteran free safety flew all over the field last year and was of the Lions main leaders on defense. When Detroit needed a defensive stop or turnover, Quin was usually the guy coming through in the clutch moments that typically decide games. Quin earned three interceptions, four fumbles forced, and a fumble recovery in total last season. Those eight turnovers were tied for first at his position, with Kevin Byard and Eric Weddle.

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Glover Quin’s 2018 Outlook

Quin’s age has yet to impact his production to this point in his career. However, at a position where speed and acceleration are so important, the fall off should be coming sooner rather than later. But, he has made a career off of mental preparation and quick diagnosing of what the offense is trying to do. This likely what has staved off the “production fall-off” for Quin to this point.

No one can say with any certainly when he will hit this proverbial cliff. But if 2017 is any indicator, 2018 should still be smooth sailing for Quin. He looked every bit as fast and quick as he has his whole career. His interceptions this last year, came from playing single high coverage and ranging across the field to rob the receiver of the reception. And even if there is some break down in speed or acceleration, his mental attributes should be enough prevent him from being any sort of liability in 2018.

Regardless of his play this year, do not be surprised if the Lions target safety highly this next off-season. There could be multiple additions here, like we have seen at other positions of need in the past few years under general manger Bob Quinn. Additionally, new Lions head coach Matt Patricia has been known to heavily utilize three safety looks. It may be more likely than some think, that the Lions both sign and draft a safety in the 2019 off-season.

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