The written content you see on our site comes mainly from the guys below.  We have the odd article from a guest contributor, however these guys are on our regular staff writing team.  Like all of us at The Detroit Lions Podcast, they don’t make a penny from anything we do – any clicks on sponsor links, T-shirt sales or Patreon donations get plowed straight into covering our costs –  everything you see from them is as a result of their hard work done purely out of their love for the game and the Detroit Lions.  If you’re interested in contributing an occasional article or want to become a staff writer yourself, get in touch here!  Without further ado, let us present our writing corps…

Ash Thompson



Ash Thompson is a Lions fan without good reason. He does not hail from the Michigan area, but from distant Edmonton, Canada, home of the Oilers and also a football team called the Eskimos. Yes apparently Canadians also play football, though their teams are primarily composed of Americans. He has two cat’s, named Pico de Gallo and Guacamole. He also has two dogs named Bean and Queso. Apparently he really likes burritos. He also really likes football. He’s a bit obsessed with it in fact, spending more time studying game tape than anyone not being paid by an NFL team should. He often wishes he had spent that time on more productive things, but here we are.

Brandon Knapp




Brandon is a senior at Central Michigan University, getting a bachelor’s in Journalism. He grew up in the small city of Marysville, MI. He grew up in a New England Patriots household, but his grandfather and stepfather introduced him to the Detroit Lions, where he would fall in love with them more than the Patriots. Brandon’s favorite Lions are Matt Stafford and Golden Tate and he also likes the Michigan Wolverines. So tread water lightly when talking trash about them around him. Brandon used to be “The Intern” during the 2016 season, but after spending hours in Nate, Mike, and Chris’s office, he was promoted to “The Temp”. Check out his content!

Adam Klepp



Adam Klepp is a young Lions fan who still hasn’t been deterred despite many years of pain. He loves the team, a love that his father passed down and one he hopes to pass on to one of his own children someday. Klepp graduated from high school in 2016 and began attending his freshman year of college in the fall of 2016. He will continue to develop his writing skills on DetroitLionsPodcast.com on his way to a degree in Journalism. Being a long time Redditor, huge Lions fan, and aspiring journalist makes this an ideal situation for him to share Lions news and views with the DLP audience as he hones his craft. Feel free to contact Klepp on Reddit or via Twitter, he’s always up to talk Lions, and would be happy to hear your opinions along the way. Its a great time to be a Lions fan, so buckle up for what is sure to be a great ride. Go Lions!

Cory Hayes


Cory Hayes attends Central Michigan University, he is majoring in Journalism and minoring in Sport Management. He is a junior, originally from from Marysville, MI. He loves following sports, both professional and collegiate. Hayes follows the Lions, Pistons, and Tigers very closely, and the college team that he choose to cheer for is Ohio State.




Lucas Walker


Lucas Walker is college student who does film breakdowns for the Detroit Lions Podcast. He became a Detroit Lions fan in 2009 when he saw Matthew Stafford throw a game winning touchdown against the Cleveland Browns with a separated shoulder.  When he isn’t writing for DLP, he is obsessed with rock music and playing the guitar.




Bryce Rossler


Bryce Rossler is a reformed car salesman and recovering alcoholic that joined the staff during the site’s infancy in February 2016. Taking that into consideration, we haven’t been able to figure out why he’s been unable to stop lying to himself about the Lions or kick his addiction to bad football. Bryce has the distinct misfortune of dwelling in the “Bible Belt”, where there are way too many Cowboys fans for his liking. This summer, he elected to stay out of the Tulsa, Oklahoma heat by enrolling in The Scouting Academy, where he’s improving his player evaluation and knowledge of the game. In his spare time, he enjoys trying new food, talking football, and antagonizing the site’s editors, especially Nathan Cheatham. You can find him on Twitter @btrossler.

Sean Lanigan


Sean was born in Detroit but has spent most of his life living among the enemy in Viking and Packers country. Like so many other Lions fans, he suffered through 0-16. It didn’t diminish his love for the team. He goes to battle daily with SOL fans and Stafford-doubters. At the 2016 game against the Minnesota Vikings, he was asked “is 23 seconds enough for your boy Stafford?” Exhibiting a confidence that could only come from someone who had witnessed the 2016 Stafford magic, or someone that had too many of Mall of America Field’s overpriced beers, Sean responded “plenty”. He loves fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy books, video games and movies. He is Saquon Barkley’s biggest fan and will watch any movie, as long as it has Tom Hardy in it.

Zac Warber


Zac was indoctrinated into this franchise much like many Lions fans were: he was born into it. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t bleed Honolulu Blue and Silver. He suffered through the days of Harrington and 0-16 right alongside everyone else. But he will always believe in the Lions. His current favorite players are John Matthew Stafford and Darius “Big Play” Slay, but his all-time favorite Lion is Barry Sanders. Zac is currently working on finishing up his bachelors degree at Grand Valley State University, majoring in Sports Management. He loves all things football but has a special place in his heart for the NFL Draft, as it represents his two favorite sports worlds colliding: NCAA Football and the NFL. Zac’s dream job is to be an NFL Media Scout. Someday he hopes to be in a position similar to Matt Miller or DLP’s own “The Riz”. Naturally, he jumped at the opportunity to be a staff scout writer for the Detroit Lions Podcast and has loved every second of it.