About Us

Here is where you’ll find some of the most up-to-date, entertaining and irreverent Detroit Lions football related media you could possibly wish for. If you’re here looking for acceptance in the world of Lions’ fandom, look no further.  You’ve arrived.  As long as you’re not an ass.  We’ve got enough of those already.  Allow us to introduce you to the three asses you’ll hear most from.

Podcast Host: Chris

Chris is the founder of all you see here.  A former radio presenter and Detroit native, he now resides in sunny Florida, although this all began during his 11 years living in California – like so many of us, he found himself marooned in an island of non-Lions-supporting ass-clowns.  So bereft was he of a community with which to discuss his love of our favorite team, that stumbling across a Lions-dedicated place on Reddit literally changed his life.  He decided that starting the Detroit Lions Podcast was an excellent way to give back to the Lions community.  The show has grown to be the number 1 Detroit Lions Podcast and brings a mixture of celebrity interviews, pre-recorded shows, live streamed video events, and live post-game broadcasts. He also expanded the site to include the work of aspiring sports journalists who needed a platform to cover their favorite team while utilizing professional writing tools, and the coaching and mentoring to help them build a portfolio they can use to launch their journalism careers.  A number of writers have earned college credit while writing for the site.  In some ways, Chris is like God.  No-one’s ever seen him, they’ve just heard his voice, and the rest of us believe we’re here because of his intervention.  His response is always, “I just lost a bet…”

Podcast Host: Case

Case - The odds are good and the goods are odd when discussing the Detroit Lions

Case is our resident podcast co-host.  He lends his voice and wisdom to just about any broadcast content you’re likely to hear.  A resident of North Dakota, he was unwittingly sucked in to Detroit Lions fandom later in life – he really should have known better.  We wont mention the time he got so wasted he passed out during a live broadcast.  That’d be crass.  Suffice it to say he’s a huge fan with a great depth of knowledge across the rest of the NFL, never afraid to voice his opinion, and we all love tolerate him dearly.

Managing Editor: Mike Hayes

Mike - Obligatory UK version of a Detroit Lions fan

That’s me.  I’m the foreigner, being based in the East Midlands area of England.  I’m also the most recent sucker to Detroit Lions fandom on our team, having followed closely for merely four years or so – I still consider myself very much on a learning curve.  I jump in and blather my way through the live post game shows and introduce the rest of the world to new, funny-sounding words and phrases.  Many people don’t understand a word I say, and I’m candenctiously defusticated about that. Chris says I offer a different perspective.  I say it’s just darker outside.  Apart from the live shows I do some promo bits and pieces and manage the writers who produce our written content.  Check it out while you’re here, it’s awesome :0)

Senior Editor and Fantasy Football Guru: Nathan Cheatham







Nathan Cheatham grew up in Detroit, and now resides in Hartford, CT. He’s either majoring in journalism or graphic design, depending on what hat he’s wearing. Although to be honest all his hats are wide-brimmed girly-looking things so you can never really tell. Doesn’t matter though since he’s damn good at both.  Nathan is an editorial machine who drives the content on our website. Occasionally he writes too, specializing in analytics and the historical aspects of the Lions.  At the time of writing he’s been drafting his magnum opus for about a year. It’s about how the Bears suck balls. Sorry Nate, I’ve just published your latest epic. My bad. Nathan’s other role is that of Fantasy Football Grand Master and Overseer.  You want to know anything about our leagues, he’s the man.

So that’s us. We also have a team of fantastic writers on board who contribute articles to this site, so as well as a market-leading podcast we also offer an entertaining, informative written content side to our show.  You’ll notice you can’t comment on our articles.  That’s because we’re an offshoot of the Reddit community, and we like to keep all our discussion on Reddit, where this was all born. Check out the links to the discussion on each article, or hit up our Lions Reddit Community for all the action!

Thanks for coming and checking out the site, we hope you enjoy what you hear and what you read.  Ultimately, we’re fans who do all this because we love the team, love the game of football, and love doing all this for other fans just like us.  Well…similar, anyway.  If you’ve got any feedback for us we’d love to hear it, so get in touch!

All the best,

The Detroit Lions Podcast Team.