This is Teez Tabor’s Last Chance With the Detroit Lions

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This year is Teez Tabor‘s opportunity to prove himself with the Detroit Lions, can he do it?

It’s not news to Detroit Lions fans that Teez Tabor up to this point has been disappointing. Actually disappointing is a bit of an understatement, he was graded last out of all eligible corners last year by PFF. So I guess the positive here is that the only way is up, right?

Defensive line upgrades

This alone will have a huge impact on Teez Tabor due to the type of player he is. He’s not the fastest corner in the league. So having to cover players for longer, as there wasn’t much of a pass rush last season, definitely wasn’t to Teez advantage. That has certainly changed this year with the defensive line upgrades. That should mean if Teez is on the field he won’t need to cover receivers for over 5 seconds. There should also be more errant throws from opposing quarterbacks and for a ball hawk type player like Teez that could lead to more turnover opportunities for him to exploit.

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Positional Depth and Scheme Adjustments

Having signed Justin Coleman and Rashaan Melvin should allow Teez Tabor to be utilized where he will succeed. Rather than having him in positions where his weaknesses can be exploited. Something Matt Patricia did with the Patriots was use certain corners in different situations. Teez can fit into this bracket of player very well. If a team is forced into passing situations the Lions can do what Matt Patricia used to do and utilize the bump and run coverage scheme. Teez can flourish in this system as he’s a very physical corner.

Is this Teez Tabor’s last chance?

I’d have to think this is the final year for Teez Tabor to prove himself. He has been in the league long enough and has not had the impact that was hoped for. He has to show that he has it this year. However, one thing that has never been in question has been his work ethic. He has even spent some of the offseason working with Chad Ochocinco Johnson. So if he doesn’t make it you can’t blame it on a lack of effort. He may just be in a situation that isn’t set up for him to succeed.

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