Lions Links: Your Daily Fix of Detroit Lions News, April 4 2016

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What Every Lions Fan Should Know Today

This is a collection of the various things I think every Lions fan should read today if they want to stay current with the organization as a whole. We would like to give our readers more reasons to come here every day, so unless there is a day where literally nothing happens that has anything to do with the Detroit Lions, there should be one of these every day. Signings, draft prospect visits, things that executives said to someone in the press, I’ll be summing it up every day, right here on for you. Without further ado, here is what happened in Detroit Lions news today:

The Lions Signed Wallace Gilberry today. He’s not the stereotypical Lions DE at 6’2″ 270 lbs, and is considered a downgrade from Jason Jones by most, but has a maximum contract of one year $1.75 million. He spent time with Kansas City and Cincinnati; he should operate as a situational pass rusher for the Lions. He is 31 years old, so the one year deal is another good contract Quinn has arranged for the Lions. Devon Taylor should still be the starter opposite Ziggy Ansah.

They Also signed TE Matthew Mulligan, a tight end widely regarded as a blocking specialist formerly of the New England Patriots. Mulligan is 6’4″ 267 lbs. Mulligan has never reached 10 receptions in a season in the NFL.

Safety Vonn Bell of Ohio State has visited the Lions among other teams. He is expected to be taken somewhere in the second round of the draft according to most pundits. Bell is an instinctive safety who lacks elite athleticism but excels in single coverage from the safety position.

The Lions are looking at quarterbacks for the first time since 2009. Here is a list of six possible QB targets for the Lions in the draft.

The Lions have hosted four offensive tackle prospects at this point. None of them are likely to be in play at pick 16 in my opinion.

Geoff Schwartz’s contract is essentially a league minimum deal with an $80k signing bonus and 120k of his salary guaranteed. For a guy that might actually start for the team, that’s a deal for which Bob Quinn should be taking a bow.

The Lions would like you to meet Shaq Lawson which is unfortunate because I don’t think the Lions have ever drafted a player that was hyped on their website before the draft, and I really like this player.

The Lions are raising ticket prices but are still in the bottom half of the league in terms of average ticket price. They are looking to get closer to the middle in coming years according to Ron Wood.

The NFC North is a strong division, but the Lions hopes to make noise in the playoff may hinge on doing better than a wildcard berth. Statistically most Superbowl champions do win their division, step one of building a championship team is building a team to beat the teams you play six times every year.

Well there’s your daily fix of Detroit Lions news today, if you come across something you think I should read, link it to me on twitter @A5hcrack. See you on /r/detroitlions folks. Just be sure to keep on sipping the Kool-aid

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