Lions Morning Intel: April 15, 2016

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Lions run 36MPH. I Just Found That Interesting.

Straight to the chewy goodness inside, none of that gross vaguely chocolate flavored candy in the way! With no further ado: today’s Lions Morning Intel, fresh off the press:

Golden Tate came to my country. Why did I not get there for an exclusive interview? Well Waterloo, Ontario is a 36 hour drive from where I live, and $846 (Canadian, so obviously like $20 American) flight, 2392 miles away. Anytime someone does something relatively selfless I feel like they should get a shout out. Tate was working with kids in a country that isn’t his own, so on behalf of all us bacon gnawing, maple swilling, Canuckleheads, Thank you, Golden Tate.

Corey Fuller is entering a make or break year? I think the Freep is about 365 days late. What Fuller is entering is his last chance to cling to an NFL roster. In either of the last two seasons he had the opportunity to step up and be a receiver, and showed relatively little, having the athletic ability to get open downfield, and the ability to win 50/50 battles, but the hands of a man who perhaps should have went with the family business and played defensive back. Fuller will be in a dog fight with any late round draft picks and unrestricted free agents at the wide receiver position to be that 53rd man on the roster this season.

Glover Quinn had ankle surgery. I recently hurt my ankle too, so really it’s like we’re the same person. He should be good to go for OTA’s, and the surgery was of the “clean up” variety, as opposed to the “reattachment” variety which is always a good thing in both the short and long term.

Laken Tomlinson was one of my favorite players in last year’s draft, and he apparently did not enjoy the pre-draft process. He says that he’s had an opportunity to recharge this offseason, unlike last year when the uncertainty in regards to his landing spot caused no shortage of stress. Nugget of knowledge gleaned from this video: the Lions did not provide players with access to a nutritionist before this season. What the hell? My high school team in 1996 was providing appointments with a nutritionist to players struggling with weight issues. I mean, maybe trying to get Nick Fairley some help instead  of waiting for his agent to step up in a contract year….. why would anyone have wanted to do that? One of my best friends hit high school with his listed favorite after school snack as PREM and powdered cheese pan fried in butter. I was a couple years older than him at the time, and I think the scorn with which the rest of  the team greeted this information gave him the correct amount of shame, because that’s what being a teenager is all about right? Desperately hiding the things about you that are weird until you get to college and realize that there are other people just like you?

Marquez North got a scouting report on Mlive. Only two more weeks Justin, only two more weeks of trying to fabricate something to talk about. As Far as North goes, He’s a Ramses Barden clone who didn’t grow quite so tall. To use the quote heard a thousand times over the course of the NFL network’s combine coverage, he looks like Tarzan; plays like Jane. But he’s the kind of guy that could come in and take Corey Fuller’s job if he understands that special teams are his gateway to a high six figure salary for a couple years, before the carousel stops and he’s out on the street, hopefully with a house paid off as he gets his first real job.

We’ve already done an article about the Lions schedule so I’ll leave that alone. But I will say I love/hate those geniuses/bastards at the NFL head office for gifting/screwing the Lions with those couple scheduled wins/losses. At least I did at 7pm ET.  @a5hcrack on Twitter, /u/a5hcrack on /r/detroitlions

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