Lions Morning Intel: April 16, 2016

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Saturday morning Lions News:

So the Detroit Media is already trying to dampen your enthusiasm.¬†Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that The Lions have built a powerhouse roster this off-season, but to come out and call 7-9 the day after one of the NFL’s easier schedules comes out? Really? Anything can happen any given Sunday, but when a media outlet starts taking shots at the team, before the draft has even happened, well that’s worth about as much as my opinion. Not a whole lot.

Shaq Lawson is the perfect player to slide in across from Devin Taylor if the Lions don’t want to keep Ziggy Ansah. I am not sure why everyone screams that defensive end is a first round need, but then scoffs at the idea of drafting a wide receiver. Let’s put this in to perspective: the two current starting defensive ends for the Detroit Lions combined for 21.5 sacks last year, putting the duo well within the top half of the league for book end defensive ends. The two wide receivers that will start for the Lions this year had a combined 1629 yards, 10 TD. I know which position I am more concerned about adding some talent to. I love me some Marvin Jones, but to assume he and Golden Tate are good enough to the point of not bringing in a back up plan… we’ve seen that kind of planning in Detroit before, it never works out well. I am also a fan of the Jeremy Kerley move, but assuming that two free agent players are going to exceed their most recent performances is a fool’s bet. WR makes more sense in the first than DE. Neither makes much sense with this player group in terms of need.

I do not like this Mock draft. Any sort of analysis pointed at the draft will tell you that a franchise that builds a team before bringing in a quarterback tends to have more success with that quarterback, but with Carson Wentz on the board and a coach known to be a bona fide QB whisperer, the Browns go with a left tackle? The only position that they don’t need? I’m out Myrtle! This one is broken!

If you don’t follow Eric Ebron on Twitter, there is a hole in your soul that should, and easily could, be filled with joy. The back and forth between Ebron and Anthony Barr when the schedule came out was priceless.

Speaking of wide receivers, Josh Doctson is a far more likely target for the Lions that Treadwell, given that there is a possibility that a run on offensive and defensive tackles could push the borderline skill position players well in to the second round, and Doctson is definitely borderline for the first round.

Might Jeff Driskel be throwing balls to him?

Schedule, blah blah blah. Actually some interesting points.

My Calculus final is at noon. depending on how that goes there may not be one of these on Sunday. Unless you guys want to find out what it looks like when a whisky fueled, depressed, angry, Canadian writes about the Lions. Though this does mean I might have time to write some real articles again soon. Always look on the bright side! @a5hcrack on Twitter, or /u/a5hcrack over at /r/detroitlions.

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