Lions Morning Intel: April 21, 2016

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Today in Lions news, we have real stories with quotes from players and everything. Weight rooms being used, players coming back from injury, everything we need to get that sweet river of Kool-Aid flowing just in time for the draft. Here is what I would consider today’s essential reading .

Five points from Quinn have me frothing at the mouth due to the reaction that all this Kool-Aid is having with my Saliva. I won’t go see a doctor until it starts dying my skin. Happens every year at this time. It’s like the players just keep playing my favorite song (“In the Fade” by Queens of the stone age, in case you were wondering) every time they talk. I could not be happier right now with the changes the front office have made.

Workouts so brutal, the players are all over social media joking about it? Excellent.

Geoff Schwartz has been medically cleared for off-season workouts. I hadn’t read that he was still hurt, but this is better than him not being cleared.

KeiVarae Russell lost his entire Junior season to having been unable to academically keep his stuff together. Doesn’t sound like the kind of guy that Quinn would be gunning for. I mean he played all year on a leg with a stress fracture until it gave way, and that’s the kind of player I’ll take on my team all day. He just doesn’t fit the profile as it’s been given.

You know what irritates me more than someone saying that Brandon Pettigrew’s draft status seven years ago has anything to do with the Lions draft needs? Almost nothing Lions related. Fewer than 20 catches in two seasons has rendered that completely irrelevant.

Matthew Stafford knew Calvin Johnson was going to retire. Also, the sky is blue, mountains are taller than hills, and 1+1 = 2. Unless you’re taking Linear Algebra. in which caseĀ “Smiley Face + Zebra = Frowny Cloud.” Good times.

“I expect that what I look at on tape will now be what I actually see on Sunday, which is quite different than it has been for the last seven years,” Stafford said. “That will be a positive.” That’s an interesting wrinkle to the narrative on the Lions offense this season. A very interesting wrinkle indeed.

Eric Ebron’s comments in this Mlive article are interesting. On one hand he’s making excuses for not matching a player who went shortly after he did in the Draft, and on the other he says that the reason for the disparity is that he didn’t understand the game to the same level as his teammates when he arrived in Detroit. I think he’s right on both counts.

There it is, you can remove the rubber band around your arm now, the needle’s empty. Check back tomorrow for another fix of Lions Morning Intel. @a5hcrack on Twitter, or in the comments on /r/detroitlions for further interaction.

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