Lions Morning Intel: April 22, 2016

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Why did Nkemdiche Throw Tunsil Under the Bus at the Combine?

Robert Nkemdiche is still on the Lions board? He’s too good to remove completely if you ask me. A guy gets a little too drunk at a party, and falls out a window. reports claim that he was pretty messed up……. after breaking through a fourth story window and falling 15 feet off a ledge he probably should have been having some issues. They found synthetic marijuana in his room and he says that it belonged to someone else, but because nobody was willing to step forward and take the hit, the room was in his name so it’s legally his responsibility. People have given him grief about throwing Laremy Tunsil under the bus; but what if the drugs were Tunsil’s and he left Nkemdiche to hang? I would likely take a couple shots at the guy too, that probably cost Nkemdiche eight figures. That’s a lot of reading between the lines, and it’s entirely conjecture, there is no actual evidence tying Tunsil to the drugs, but people in the know seem to think that Tunsil is sliding down draft boards. Hopefully Tunsil falls to 16 and Nkemdiche falls to 46. They can hug it out on Sundays – for eight figures less than what might have been.

Bob Quinn actually says things when he talks, unlike the previous regime, where words would be formed, but very little value came out of their mouths, in part because certain members of that group had absolutely no idea what they were doing, and they knew it. Not every member, but when certain Lions officials got in front of a camera, there was no point watching.

Matthew Stafford trade?┬áReally? Really? Gee, I wonder why some members of the Detroit media have a rep for being obnoxious and ignorant? To be clear, not taking a shot at Kyle Meinke. He just wrote an article about something that was said, he didn’t ask the question.

Five thoughts from Golden Tate is an interesting read about he mindset of the players on the team last season and expectations going in to this year. As is this Freep article wherein the phrase “football empire” is coined. I like that phrase.

There were a lot of other articles about Bob Quinn’s press conference that I could have linked, but if you’ve watched the press conference do you care what someone has to say about it? If so, here they are.

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