Sunday Morning Intel – July 3, 2016

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Last week I was in a part of India getting deluged with rain, meaning I had little or no ability to access the internet. As a result you did not get your fix of Morning Intel, but this week the little village is blessedly rain free so here we go.

Tim Twentyman put up an interesting article on the official site detailing five stats that need to change for the Lions to be successful this year.

Miles Killebrew has had a beer named after him. Money grab or not, I highly recommend checking it out if you like IPAs. I would if it were available anywhere near where I live.

Taylor Decker is strengthening his grasp on the left tackle spot. That is a good thing for the Lions because it means that they improved two positions with a single draft pick rather than one, with Riley Reiff moving over to the right side. With any luck this will help out in both the running game and passing game.

A former agent has predicted that Matthew Stafford‘s next contract could be the biggest in the history of the NFL if he plays like he did in the second half of last season for 16 games. 38 TD’s and 4 INTs? Sign me up for that in a heartbeat. This thought is also based on some recent contracts given to players that have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they couldn’t hold Stafford’s jock. The simple fact is that if you let a starting quarterback in the NFL get anywhere near free agency he is going to break the bank, and the team is going to be more than happy to shell out the money. If you don’t have a quarterback your season will end in tears in the modern NFL, and while it’s not impossible to find a Quarterback, it’s as close as can be.

That’s what you get this week in morning intel, Happy Fourth of July tomorrow, I’ll be dodging ants, scorpions and snakes on the other side of the world while you guys blow your hands off with illegal fireworks. Stay safe kiddos. remember that one stupid decision could cost you. Just ask Jason Pierre Paul.

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