Sunday Morning Intel: August 7, 2016

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Meet Bean. Bean is my dog, and currently nursing an injury to her paw that she has been completely unable to stop licking. The resulting infection caused said paw to blow up to almost double it’s size and turn a shade of red that I would use to represent warning signs of an important nature, or the emotion of anger. Because my better half, who never reads anything I write because “sports are lame,” is a veterinarian this is obviously my fault somehow. Combine that with having to share the miserable “one bedroom” air BnB we are staying in with two cats while we wait for the bastards who used to own the house we just bought to move, and you’ve got the recipe for one sad puppy. While that explains the lack of these and other columns coming from me, what does that have to do with your Sunday morning intel this week? You’ll figure that out pretty quickly.

Eric Ebron is hurt. Or he’s not. If you ask most Lions fans that means that the sky has fallen and the season is lost right now. Honestly, it likely means that the team would work out Owen Daniels and Andrew Quarless rapidly in the event that it’s serious, or that the undrafted guys will get a lot of reps with the ones if it’s not. Neither Daniels or Quarless give the Lions what Ebron does, but they do give a veteran presence that can’t be ignored on passing downs to a team full of rookies that likely can be.

I get terrified when someone like Jay Lee rips the starters apart on defense. There are a lot of elite athletes at that position in the NFC North, so if a guy that wasn’t good enough to get drafted can tear the defense a new one, it likely means that the corner spot isn’t where we’d like it to be. Lee is a superior athlete, which is good enough to get by against backups, but should not be good enough to handle NFL starters. Undrafted players shouldn’t be able to beat starters: Sunday morning intel at it’s finest.

The ref says it was a penalty, he is right that you just can’t touch a QB’s head and Devin Taylor is at fault for swiping at Aaron Rogers like he did. As for whether it was a facemask, that’s irrelevant entirely as the result is basically the same. Can we never talk about it again?

Levy is not practicing and Abdullah is limited. Neither of those things are great. Abdullah was expected though, even if there had been rumblings he might be ready to go for camp. The Lions are taking his recovery cautiously as they should. Levy had been practicing in OTA’s and is now not doing so. With that said, this is the first time the team has been in pads. running around in jerseys and underwear is one thing, hitting people and taking on blocks is another. Could be nothing or it could be everything, at this point we just don’t have any information and Levy is deferring all questions to Caldwell.

Quinshad Davis is turning heads at Lions camp. Gaze into the depths of my complete lack of surprise. Big bodied possession receivers have given the Lions defensive backs fits in recent seasons with the exception of Rashean Mathis, who is now retired. I’m glad one of the UDFA’s I like is having some success at camp, but much like Jay Lee, it really concerns me that the Lions secondary isn’t schooling these kids.

This just in Don Muhlbach is awesome. That is all. How is that for meeting the high bar we’ve set with the Sunday morning intel column for analysis?

Bob Quinn has put a new player evaluation model in place for the Lions. Good god I would hope so.

Corey Fuller, who used to get hype like Jay Lee, is nowhere near returning. At this point it might be better for him if he’s hurt all the way through camp. At least then he’d likely get a shot at coming back next year, as all signs point toward him not making the 53 man roster this season. He needed a good camp to get that done and if you’re not on the field, you’re not having a good camp. More folksy wisdom from the Sunday morning intel column.

That’s what we have for this week: ups, downs, sideways squiggles and the usual unintelligible gibberish you should be expecting if you’ve read regularly through the offseason; which you of course all have. I would put a winky face there but that’s probably unprofessional. See you next week.

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