Connor Bozick Hopes to Find a Role With the Lions

Ash Thompson Breaks Down Every Player On The Detroit Lions 90 Man Roster.

Connor Bozick¬†attended DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville MD. In addition to football, he played lacrosse and wrestled in his youth. He committed to Deleware but didn’t get on the field right away.

He spent his 2012 season performing scout duties, dressing for every game, but not getting on the field. Bozick retained his freshman eligibility for the 2013 season. He played both tackle and guard in 2013, seeing the field on special teams as well. He spent the rest of his collegiate career in the starting lineup. Bozick finished with two All-CAA selections. His pre-draft process made some interesting stops in 2017. He attended lesser known college all-star games. The FCS National All-Star Bowl and the Dream Bowl All-Star Game were on his path to scouts eyes.

The Pro Career of Connor Bozick

Bozick slipped through the draft and went largely unrecognized by the NFL community. He remained a free agent until earlier this week.¬†Characterizing Bozick’s chance to make the roster as anything but remote would be disingenuous. Half of the league is made of undrafted players, and the Lions and depth at the tackle position though, it is not impossible for him. While Bozick played both guard and tackle in college, however, his fit appears to be at guard in the NFL. Barring injury the Lions seem to be set at the guard spots with TJ Lang, Graham Glasgow, Laken Tomlinson and Joe Dahl all returning in 2017.

Bozick’s best opportunity lies at center. Glasgow is the obvious choice to move to the middle of the line in the event of a Travis Swanson injury, but he may end up starting at left guard and thus be in a position to be injured himself. The Lions need an insurance policy for that event. Proving his worth at all three of the interior line spots could earn Connor Bozick a spot on the practice squad, and eventually a place in the league. It may be a long shot, but I’m telling you there is a chance.

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