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Justin Rogers of The Detroit News seems to think the Lions offensive line is not perfect. He also asks the question of whether Jim Caldwell is refusing to directly answer questions because he just doesn’t have answers for the Lions problems. He asserts, correctly in my opinion, that the offensive line is currently the thing that is holding the team back from truly contending.

Kyle Meinke of mlive.com interviewed tight end Eric Ebron. Regarding the reaction of fans to what has been perceived as his incredibly low level of play this season Ebron essentially responded: “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” For some reason, there are people who think his maturity level might be lacking. Ebron talked about how awesome he was in practice. He talked about how great he is going to be for the rest of the season. He said the things he has been saying for three and a half years.

Dave Burkett of The Detroit Free Press did some analysis on the testimony of DeAndre Levy. Levy has been an advocate for increasing player awareness of the risks in what they are doing.  He recently testified in front of a congressional committee and had some interesting things to say.

Pat Caputo of The Oakland Press has written what amounts to a “same old Lions” piece. What is maddening about this argument is that there is absolutely nothing untrue written in this article.

Tim Twentyman of detroitlions.com has written a piece about the matchup between Glover Quin and Brew Brees. One interesting thing brought up is an adjustment that Quin made mid-game that reminds me of the dysfunction in Minnesota last season. I guess when it works nobody cares.

Eric Schlitt of lionswire.com did a deep dive in to the New Orleans Saints offense. If you are the kind of person who likes to get in to schemes, player stats, scouting reports, and increasing your general football knowledge, you should read this article.

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