Detroit Lions News: Meinke And Rogers Fight

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The Most Important Things You’ll Read About The Lions Today.

DaveBurkett of The Detroit Free Press details the iron man streak of Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. Burkett makes a few comparisons illustrating how injured a quarterback has to be to really need to miss a game. Phillip Rivers, as it turns out, is tougher than you or me.

Kyle Meinke of answers a few questions in his mailbag. Will Eric Decker fix the Lions line problems? Are the Lions good or bad? Could Kyle beat Justin Rogers in a fight? I am glad I don’t have to do a mailbag column.

Justin Rogers of The Detroit News draws some statistical comparisons between the Lions 2017 and 2014 defenses. They both have 11 players on the field at the same time. They both have Glover Quin starting at free safety. Tahir Whitehead is a starting outside linebacker. The article does a better job than this, you should probably just click there and read it.

Uncredited but likely incredibly hard working staff for put together a recap/trailer for today’s game. As they always do, the Lions coaching staff let information slip like: “Any time you have a veteran safety it helps you” and “at the end of the day we hope we win more than they do” can be heard from Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin. Its pretty epic even if it’s not really Lions news.

Rob Otto of Detroit Sports Nation covered the roster churn on the Lions practice squad. The Lions cut the guy they traded Jeremy Kerley for, and signed a guy we all hope never touches the field.

Matt Urben of details what a pleasant surprise that Antheny Zettel has been so far this season. The Lions really needed Zettel to step up in the wake of Kerry Hyder‘s injury and he has done just that. You should click on it, even if for no other reason than because Matt links the tree tackling video at the end.

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