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Matthew Stafford, Quarterback of the Detroit Lions is more upset with the fumbles than the insane number of batted passes. He says that his teammates did a good job fighting. He says that he has to be better.

Jim Caldwell, head coach of the Detroit Lions is not happy about how the team could not stop the run. He says the plan when they’re down 35 points is to not give up. Caldwell says that Cornelius Washington’s inactive status was not disciplinary. He calls out a beat writer for trying to simply rephrase a question that had already been asked.

Jamal Agnew of the Detroit Lions credits his teammates for doing a great job blocking. He thinks that it swung the momentum of the game in their favor. He says he has learned the lesson, not to commit penalties like the one he did on that touchdown return.

Justin Rogers of the Detroit News recaps the game in a way that lets you relive every excruciating down like it is happening again. You should check it out if that is your thing.

Kyle Meinke of mlive.com recaps the game in a slightly less detailed and more forward-looking manner. What the game means for the future of the team. He discusses things like Fells vs. Ebron, the savior/torturer duality of Jamal Agnew’s performance, and the ever-growing list of seriously injured Lions players.

Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press says that Matthew Stafford should have been pulled in the fourth quarter. He gives a very good argument for it. It is pretty difficult on the surface to justify leaving Stafford in when the team’s only chance to win is suddenly playing perfect football against a team that built a 45-10 lead against them. I am going to take a crack at it right here.

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A Rebuttal to Mr. Monarrez

The Detroit Lions team identity has been for multiple years the team that is never, ever, out of a game. They are a roster of players who have less talent frankly than half or more of the teams they will face in any given season. All they have is faith. They have faith in their coaches, they have faith in their quarterback. There are 53 players on the roster that believe they could, no, should have come back from a 45-10 deficit in the third quarter of a game. Quitting would have robbed the team of the only edge they have in any given week: their faith.

You can find the post-game podcast episode HERE.

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