Detroit Lions News: Apparently The Team Needs To Win Games

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Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press has formulated a list of things the Lions need to do to win the division. I am not going to say that the list amounts to “play better and win more games than everyone else in the division,” but that’s in there. In all seriousness the list does go over ten things to look for in the final ten games that will be pretty good indicators of whether the Lions have turned this season around.

Justin Rogers of the Detroit Free Press plumbed the depths of the bye week and found a player nobody has been talking about during the season. Tion Green was among the final players to make the Lions 53 man roster this preseason. He has spent his time getting the defense ready for opponents running games. The Lions running game has been pretty ineffective. I am surprised we have not seen Green find his way on to a game day roster.

The Detroit Lions have posted a slideshow of the best pictures that have been taken of their cheerleaders in the 2017 season. Almost every one of these pictures depicts a feat of athleticism the attempt of which would put me in the hospital.

Mike O’Hara of goes over the remaining ten games on the Lions schedule. He gives the Lions the advantage in seven of them. O’Hara has not historically been a team shill despite writing for their site. It is difficult to fault his logic. He makes some good points.

Tim Twentyman of has come up with a list of five players that are having a solid season. It is pretty much the list of five players that you would expect. I highly recommend giving it a read when you find yourself sinking in to a state of depression regarding the 2017 Lions season.

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