Why Couldn’t the Lions win at home in 2020?

The Detroit Lions could not win more than one game at home in 2020. Ash talks about why in his first VLOG entry

Ash Thompson answers the burning question of how the Detroit Lions went 4-4 on the road in 2020, but only managed a 1-7 record at home with the same roster. Watch it in the embedded clip above, then follow the link HERE. Ash is planning to do a ton of these this offseason dealing with roster construction, the schemes of the coaching staff when they come on board, free agents the team might sign, and prospects that he thinks the Lions should draft along with the incoming content from Chris, Case, and the Rizz. Don’t worry, he’s still going to write 4000-word monster articles too. We know you love those. In this video, he discusses exactly why the way that Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia built the roster was a terrible idea. He also takes a quick shot at Madden. Don’t blink or you might miss it.


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