Jake Rudock Has Been Cut: What Lies Ahead?

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Jake Rudock Has Been Cut From The Detroit Lions Starting Roster: What Now?

After going 30 for 51, throwing for 333 yards and four touchdowns while throwing one interception, Jake Rudock was cut from the Detroit Lions yesterday leaving only two quarterbacks on the 53 man roster. A lot of hype came behind Jake Rudock this offseason, as he played his final season of college for the Michigan Wolverines and helped them go 10-3, finishing off with a Citrus Bowl win over the Florida Gators. Fans of the Wolverines and Lions were excited to see the former Wolverine stay inside the state and help out the professional team.

Jake Rudock was a shocking pick by the Detroit Lions during the draft as many expected him to get taken in the seventh round or undrafted, he was taken in the sixth round. Coming into camp, fans were hoping he would make the team as the third string quarterback. He looked average in camp, making some good and not so good throws, leaving fans in a questionable state of mind. Week one of the preseason happened where Rudock went 8 for 11 and threw a touchdown, looking good in his first pro game. Fans started up the hype train from then on and didn’t look back.

Rudock in week two of preseason had a down game, still going 8 for 11, but he threw an interception. Fans ignored the poor performance and still had faith in the quarterback. Week three of the preseason was his worst performance, going zero for six against the Ravens. While many of the fans believed that performance clearly showed he wouldn’t make the team, others still had faith. He finished the preseason strong, going 14 for 23 and threw for three touchdowns, against an Ohio State quarterback on the opposite team who had a horrible performance. This final game gave more fire to the Jake Rudock hype train and many (including myself) believed he could be the third string quarterback of this team.

Sadly, GM Bob Quinn didn’t believe in two quarterbacks and cut Jake Rudock. Many fans were outraged with the decision to cut him, as he had a better preseason than backup Dan Orlovsky. A majority of the fans that were upset had crazy expectations for the guy, thinking he could be the backup and some believing he could even start over Matt Stafford. While Rudock did look good and like a third string quarterback, there was no chance this season he would start or become a backup. That will take some time and it may never happen.

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What is Jake Rudock’s Future?

Well good news for Rudock fans, he cleared the waiver wire and was eligible to become a member of the practice squad. Bob Quinn signed him to the practice squad on Sunday. So, while Jake Rudock isn’t a part of the 53 man roster, he is still a part of the Detroit Lions organization. A move which is sure to satisfy the quarterback’s fans.

What happens now? Well a few things could happen. Jake Rudock could start and finish the season on the Detroit Lions practice squad and will be a free agent after the season ends. He could be called up if Matt Stafford (or Dan Orlovsky) is injured and stay on the roster until they return. He could get picked up by another team who suffers an injury at quarterback and is in a need or believes in taking a risk on him. The final scenario is that he could be cut from the practice squad and become a free agent in the NFL.

Whatever happens to Rudock remains to be seen, but the projected UDFA was picked up in the draft, showed a decent performance in the preseason, and is keeping his career alive by signing with the Lions’ practice squad. Some fans expected a Tom Brady 2.0 story with Jake Rudock, but those thoughts will be have to be put away – as dreams until next season.

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