Detroit Lions Injury Report For Week One

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Week One Kicks Off This Week. Who Is In And Who Is Out?

This is the first injury report for the 2016 regular season and it comes with good news. The Detroit Lions are looking pretty healthy coming into week one against the Colts, who are pretty banged up right now. Detroit doesn’t have any new injuries, but updates on three players who have been concerning are listed here. Check out the latest news for the Detroit Lions injury report.

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Eric Ebron Looks to Return

With the Detroit Lions looking for Eric Ebron to return to action this week, the front office and fans should be excited that Eric Ebron was practicing on Wednesday. Nobody else missed the practice, meaning everyone not on the PUP or IR should be ready to go against the Colts on Sunday. This is good news to hear as Ebron wasn’t sure if he would play week one, but this confirms he will be ready to play.

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Jon Bositc Officially on IR

Last week’s injury report it was assumed that Jon Bostic would be moved to the IR. His move wasn’t the first as Josh Bynes was moved to the IR and it left fans thinking that maybe Jon Bostic would return earlier than expected. On Tuesday it was announced that Jon Bostic was moved to the IR as Detroit signed tight end Khari Lee from the Chicago Bears.

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Josh Bynes Moves to IR

In the move not many saw coming, Josh Bynes was put on IR last Sunday. Josh Bynes did miss the entire preseason, but Jim Caldwell would not comment on his injury or how long he would be out. This gives fans somewhat of an answer, meaning Bynes will be out for possibly eight weeks or longer. This isn’t good for the linebacking core that is already thin with Bostic out as well.

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