Detroit Lions Injury Report For Week Two: DeAndre Levy Misses Practice

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It Is Week Two, Who Is In And Who Is Out?

The Detroit Lions are looking a little banged up coming into week two against the Titans, but there is good news. Detroit does have a few new injuries and it has kept some limited and one out. Meanwhile the Titans are looking healthy on the other side of the field. Check out the latest news for the Detroit Lions injury report.

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DeAndre Levy Misses Practice with Quad Injury

This is not what fans wanted to hear. DeAndre Levy missed practice on Wednesday due to a quad injury. No word on how serious the injury is, but if he is missing practice it could carry over and possibly force him to miss a game. It was only practice on Wednesday so Levy does have plenty of time to come back and practice, but another injury to a player who was out for majority of the season last year isn’t good. Let’s hope this is a minor one and they are playing it safe here.

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Ziggy Ansah Limited in Practice with Shoulder Injury

Ziggy is another big star who was hurt last week that was limited in practice yesterday. It isn’t confirmed if the shoulder injury that is nagging him is the same one that he had to get worked on after his rookie year. If he was limited in practice on Wednesday, chances are he will play this one out.

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Adairius Barnes Limited with Ankle Injury

Barnes was limited Wednesday with an ankle injury. Detroit is now with four players at the cornerback position that are fully healthy. Barnes, like Ansah, will probably play this week if he was limited on Wednesday.

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Cole Wick Limited with Shoulder Injury

Down goes another tight end. Cole Wick was limited with a shoulder injury on Wednesday which comes to a bit of a surprise. We saw Cole Wick in the game and he took a hit that looked like it rang his bell, so if any injury were to come up you would think a concussion. Once again, he was limited the first day of practice so you should expect him to play on Sunday. Without Wick Detroit would be down to three tight ends before Andrew Quarless comes back in week three, who will help Detroit at the position when he returns.

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Tennessee Titans Injury News

Tennessee is a tad bit banged up this week. Wide receiver Kendall Wright was the only player last week to miss the game and he was limited in practice on Wednesday with his hamstring. A new injury popped up though as linebacker Derrick Morgan didn’t practice due to a hamstring injury. Besides those two Tennessee is looking healthy and ready to compete this week after losing to Minnesota last week.

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