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Falling to Green Bay, I Answer Some Questions About the Loss

The streak in Lambeau couldn’t get past one win. Detroit came close to having a good comeback against Green Bay, but sadly Detroit lost and is now 1-2. Marvin Jones did emerge as a true number one receiver, which is good for fans who were worried about how we would do without Calvin Johnson.

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Question 1: What Was the Main Reason For the Lions Loss This Week?

There were many reasons for the loss this week in Green Bay. First Detroit was weak at the linebacker spot, letting Eddie Lacy get some easy yards. Next was how horrible the defense played in general. There was a play early in the game where Haloti Ngata, a nose tackle was in zone coverage. That just can’t happen and shouldn’t happened. Penalties had a small factor, as Detroit had a weird penalty on the kickoff and then a pass interference call on Nevin Lawson gave Green Bay an easy chance to score.

On offense it was the lack of the run game. Detroit couldn’t get the ball going on the ground which forced Stafford to throw the ball. The offensive line struggled against a pass rush that was just as beat up, if not worse, than our own.

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Question 2: Why Did Marvin Jones Go Off This Week?

I don’t know to be completely honest with you. Sam Shields was injured along with Morgan Burnett, so Green Bay was weak in the secondary. Green Bay did blitz a good amount this game, so with less people in coverage it gives Marvin Jones one-on-one matchups and he was able to exploit that. Eric Ebron was the main focus this week, as he was getting targets early and often. It seemed like it was his day, but with more assignments going on him, it left Jones with one-on-one coverages.

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Question 3: Who Would Win In a Game Between Michigan and Detroit?

This question is completely random, but a fun one to answer. Now I cover both teams, so I do know how each one is playing right now. On offense, Detroit has the better quarterback and receiving core. Michigan has the better running backs and offensive line, so offense is equal right now. Matt Stafford blows Wilton Speight out of the water and even though Michigan has Amara Darboh, Jehu Chesson and Jake Butt, Detroit has Golden Tate, Marvin Jones, Eric Ebron, and Anquan Boldin. Just more players really. On the running game, Michigan has many backs and majority can play very well, receiving or on the ground. Detroit has two backs who can run and receive in Zenner and Abdullah. Dwayne Washington is a better running back while Theo Riddick is a better receiving back. The offensive line for Michigan is struggling in the run as well recently, but not as bad as Detroit.

On the defensive side, Michigan has the better line and linebackers, but the secondary goes to Detroit. While Detroit doesn’t have a horrible line, Michigan has strong studs across the board that help stop the rushing attack and bring pressure to the quarterback. Linebackers for Detroit right now is laughable. The only solid starter is DeAndre Levy and he is out, and will be out for a somewhat period of time. Michigan has Jabrill Peppers, who has been a monster this season so far and Mike McCray who is stepping up big, along with Ben Gedeon. The secondary for Michigan has Jourdan Lewis and nobody else that could stop another receiver on the Lions. Darius Slay at least has some other corners and safeties who could help contribute in the stop.

Special Teams return game goes to Michigan, but kicking and punting go to Detroit. Jabrill Peppers is a solid returner, unlike Andre Roberts who likes to get out of the endzone and cost the team time and yards. Matt Prater is more solid then Kenny Allen and Sam Martin doesn’t have any issues holding onto the snap and can pin opponents deep.

Overall, Detroit is the better team and would win this game. Still, it would be fun to watch and see how well Michigan did against a pro team. Sadly this dream will never happen.

**Editor’s Note: In all honesty this question is pretty ridiculous. The worst pro level football team has enough talent to desecrate the best college team. A good college team has maybe 5 players that could advance to pro talent, where every pro team has 53. Even after these college players make it to the NFL they need plenty of extra training to get them competitive in the league.**

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