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Questions This Week Involve the Future of the Detroit Lions

Detroit is coming off the bye week as big winners, which is impressive none the less. Green Bay, Minnesota and Chicago all lost their games this week, so Detroit moved up to first place in the division coming into week 11. Many fans have questions about the future of this team. Matt Stafford‘s price tag has been announced for 2017, DeAndre Levy still hasn’t hit the field and the upcoming schedule are all things many people want to know about this week.

If you would like to see your questions appear here next week, comment on our Facebook post, tweet me @BKnappBlogs, email me at [email protected], or call in to the podcast. Here are this week’s questions.

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Question 1: What is the Lions Toughest Game in the Second Half of the Season?

Well each of the division games are going to be at home, which gives Detroit an advantage. Chicago lost Kyle Long for the season and Alshon Jeffery will be suspended for the second game between the two teams, so that is crossed out. Minnesota will want revenge with a new kicker and a healthier team, but Detroit will be healthier too. Green Bay is turning sour, so come week 17 they could be playing for nothing. Jacksonville this week should be Detroit’s first win by a big amount. The Saints defense is nothing to be scared of, so that leaves it down to two games.

Detroit has to go to New York to take on the Giants in what could be a close game. While it will be a cold game in December, it won’t be the toughest game. That game belongs to Dallas.

Dallas is the best team in the NFL right now, whether you like it or not. They have a solid running game in Ezekiel Elliot and a stout offensive line. Dak Prescott is impressing as the quarterback so much that Tony Romo will be active this week and won’t start. Dallas is playing lights out football and Detroit will have to go into their home stadium on Monday Night Football and will have to try and steal one which won’t be easy.

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Question 2: When In The Future Can We Expect Levy to Return?

If you were to ask me this last week I would say week 11. That is what many beat reporters were thinking and what it seemed like it could happen.

Now, it could be longer.

Dave Birkett, beat writer for the Detroit Lions for the Detroit Free Press was asked for an update on Levy and he said he didn’t have an update on him. He wouldn’t be surprised that Levy returned to practice this week, but that it is a longshot to see him on the field on Sunday.

So with that, I predict that Levy comes back against the Saints in week 13. If he doesn’t play against Jacksonville, I don’t think he would be ready to play just four days later. The short week would hurt him, but the long week for week 13 would give him more time to rest and he would be ready to get back into it. Now I could be entirely wrong, but if a beat writer thinks he won’t play this week, I will jump on the train of not playing on Thanksgiving.

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Question 3: Is Matt Stafford Worth $25 Million a Year?

Yup. Sign the dotted line Matt, we would love to keep you on this team and lead us to a possible Super Bowl.

Many people may be against this, thinking he is going to cost too much or that he isn’t worth that much money. Well, Stafford gave us a hometown discount a few years back. He signed a three year extension for $58 million in 2013, just two years after his 5,000 yard season. Now it is time for the Lions to pay up.

The quarterback is usually the highest paid player on the team as for majority of teams, they are your best player and Stafford is our best player. Looking around the league, here are the top 10 paid quarterbacks and see if Stafford if deserves the $25 million

  1. Andrew Luck – $24.6 million
  2. Drew Brees – $24.3 million
  3. Joe Flacco – $22.1 million
  4. Aaron Rodgers – $22 million
  5. Russell Wilson – $21.9 million
  6. Ben Roethlisberger – $21.85 million
  7. Carson Palmer – $21 million
  8. Eli Manning – $21 million
  9. Phillip Rivers – $20.81 million
  10. Cam Newton – $20.76 million

Out of those 10 players, only six have won a Super Bowl. While winning is everything, it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to get paid for your performance. Andrew Luck, Phillip Rivers and Carson Palmer have never been to the Super Bowl, while Cam Newton lost in it last season.

If you believe that we can sign a free agent who can do better than Stafford for cheaper, or draft a quarterback this year in the draft (that doesn’t have any Andrew Luck type of quarterbacks), your vision of the future is going to be up in flames. As a future with Stafford you can see playoff wins and possibly a Super Bowl ring.

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