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Week 17 Will Determine The Postseason Future For Detroit

Well ladies and gentlemen, it ends on Sunday. Either Detroit will be playing in the postseason in two weeks, or they will be at home, watching the games on TV. Winning against Green Bay would be Detroit’s first division title since 1993 and a home playoff game would be huge for the Lions. Fans are looking for answers to questions as the season comes to a close and as the Lions are trying to keep their championship hopes alive with one more win.

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Question 1: When Can We Expect Swanson, Slay, And Riddick Back.

Travis Swanson is still in concussion protocol. Concussions can last one week, or for a long period of time. This one seems to be more serious considering he has already missed three games. Swanson could return on Sunday, but the injury report will have to tell the story on how close he is to a return.
Slay’s injury was rumored to last one to three weeks. So with one week gone he could possibly return this week. I don’t expect him to return against Green Bay, but if Detroit makes a postseason appearance, that is when he could be back.
As for Theo Riddick, he was doing some drills on the sidelines during practice last week, so his chances of coming back for the season finale is higher than the other two players. Out of the three players that are out I would expect him to return before the other two.
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Question 2: So How Exactly Can Detroit Make The Playoffs?

There are 11 different possibilities how Detroit makes the playoffs, but there are two which you need to pay close attention too. If Detroit wins against Green Bay, they are in and have the three or four seed, hosting a playoff game. The second is if the Washington Redskins lose, then Detroit will make it, either as a division winner or a wildcard.
The other nine possibilities just rely on who Detroit would play and what seed they would end up with if Detroit wins and/or if Washington loses. Instead of showing you every possible scenario, here is what could happen if Detroit makes it in the playoffs:
  • 3 Detroit would host either 6 Green Bay or 6 Washington
  • 4 Detroit would host 5 New York
  • 2 Detroit gets a bye
  • 6 Detroit travels to Seattle, Atlanta or Green Bay
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Question 3: If The Playoffs Started Today, Who Do You Want To Face?

If the playoffs started today and Detroit was the number two seed, that would be the best possible scenario for this team. An extra week off for rest and a home playoff game would be great for Detroit. Sadly, while it is still a possibility, I don’t think Detroit snags the two seed.
So that leaves us either as the 3,4, or 6 seed and I would want the three seed over the four and six. Currently the two seed is Atlanta and I would prefer we play them if we win a playoff game, than traveling to Dallas again. So, given the possible scenarios, Detroit would either play Green Bay or Washington. While Washington would be a favorable matchup, Green Bay would be the best matchup for Detroit.
If they just beat Green Bay at home, now Green Bay has to come back again, and the crowd will still be loud and it will still be easy for Detroit to play at Ford Field. Washington gave Detroit a close game last time earlier this season. But having to go to Detroit back to back weeks, one game in primetime, the other in postseason play, no thanks. Detroit would have a better time playing against Green Bay again and if they win, playing Atlanta in the divisional round.

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