Re-Sign Or Rebuild: Will Don Muhlbach Retire?

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Will Long-Time Detroit Lion Don Muhlbach Return In 2018?

Move over special team starters Sam Martin and Matt Prater, the hottest special teams free agent is up for grabs again. Long snapper Don Muhlbach is up for his contract and has been doing one-year signings for the past three seasons.

Since arriving in Detroit in 2004, Muhlbach hasn’t been too much of a problem for the team. He botched a snap in 2004 but has improved ever since. He hasn’t ruined a snap for a kicker or punter since 2012, talk about consistency.

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Don Muhlbach: The Hero Nobody Credits

When you look at special teams in the NFL, the most talked about positions are the kicker, punter, and the kick/punt returner. The position that isn’t talked about, the long snapper. While the position isn’t all flashy and crying for attention, it is one of the most important positions on the team.

Many people can see snappers throw a ball to high, low, or when the person asking for the ball isn’t ready. Those mistakes can turn into points for the other team and cost your team games. That is what is solid about Muhlbach.

With his consistent play, he makes that part of the job easy and doesn’t have the fans wondering if the punter or kicker can do their job. Yes, Muhlbach is the only Detroit Lion left from the horrible 0-16 season back in 2008, but that doesn’t mean he is a bad player.

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Re-Sign Or Rebuild Don Muhlbach?

Re-Sign! You can’t scream it any louder, Muhlbach is a must at the position. While there are some good long snappers out there, nobody is as good and humble as Muhlbach. Muhlbach is getting old though, as he will be 37 once the 2018 season starts, and with rumblings of him retiring the past two seasons, his time is coming.

If Muhlbach is coming back, expect it to be another one-year deal. He fought off former sixth-round pick Jimmy Landes for the spot as he was contesting it the past two seasons before getting released.

If Muhlbach decides to retire, or go somewhere else for some unknown reason, some good replacements are L.P. Ladouceur from the Dallas Cowboys, Jon Condo from the Oakland Raiders, and John Denny from the Miami Dolphins.

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