T.J. Jones Looking To Make Strides In 2018 After Suitable 2017 Season

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Wide Receiver T.J. Jones Is Looking To Improve After His Best Season Yet.

Despite having a rough rookie year in 2014, where he would miss the entire season due to a shoulder injury, wide receiver T.J. Jones has slowly been improving over the last three years. While his role was limited in 2015 and 2016, combining for just 15 catches in those two years, 2017 is where he made that next leap.

Jones is dedicated to football and is known for being the first one on that field when practice rolls around as he puts in extra work and gives it his all every down. Jones was looking to get into the number three receiver role coming into 2017, but with rookie Kenny Golladay impressing during camp, Jones would sit again as the number four option.

While he was the number four wide receiver, Jones did get his chance as the number three guy though with Golladay missing five games with an injury, Jones would start in a total of six games, appearing in 14, a career high. Along with that, he would have his best season to date, finishing with 30 catches for 399 yards and three touchdowns. While those numbers aren’t eye-popping, they are well for a number four wide receiver on a team in the NFL.

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T.J. Jones Could Work His Way Into The Number Three Role In 2019.

Now while the 2018 season hasn’t even started yet, it doesn’t hurt to take a little peek into 2019. With star wide receiver Golden Tate finishing his contract after the 2018 season, his price could be too much for GM Bob Quinn and company, leading to him leaving the team and a big hole at the number two receiver spot.

While Golladay will most likely take that role, it gives Jones a chance to finally be that number three wide receiver and start in all 16 games and be a factor in the offense. Jones isn’t a stud and the number three role is probably his ceiling in the NFL, he could come cheap at the position.

He did sign a one-year deal with Detroit in the off-season for $1.907 million, and while that is a little high for the number four receiver on the team, Jones deserves it as his play has grown and improved since he hit the field in 2015. Jones will need another solid year to prove he can be the man, or else he could be sitting where he is now on the depth chart and never get out.

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