Eric Ebron Teases Lions’ Alternate Uniform

Detroit Lions’ Alternate Uniform Talk Begins

Shown above, Lions tight end Eric Ebron tweeted that he had knowledge of what the alternate uniform colors are for the upcoming 2016 season. It’s unclear at this point whether the lions are adding a third uniform set or participating in the new NFL color rush initiative. His post was also re-tweeted by Darius Slay, so it’s plausible that all the players were notified about the alternates either today or in the not-so distant past.

Ebron also quoted this tweet of a fan confidently guessing that the uniforms were black. Ebron’s comment, “Lol obviously don’t know a lot”. This could mean two things, either he is saying they’re obviously black but he doesn’t know much more than that, or he is laughing at the fan, saying he doesn’t know a lot. It’s up to the reader’s interpretation.

The Lions last wore an alternate black uniform back in 2010, but new team president Rod Wood has been quoted saying the Lions were planning on wearing alternates or a throwback uniform on Thanksgiving or a Thursday Night Football game. He also said back in February that the Lions will be looking into a uniform overhaul in 2017.

Reddit user ‘notnike’ has also been posting uniform related speculation in both the Detroit Lions subreddit and the NFL subreddit. It’s unclear how this person knows these things, or if they really know anything at all. With Lions-related news being somewhat slow right now we thought it couldn’t hurt to look into some of this uniform talk.

While we aren’t sure how much this Reddit user knows, one thing is for sure, he can be pretty specific in the detail he shares. From the Lions Color Rush uniforms being black, to the marketing line about the 2017 Detroit Lions uniform change.

Reddit user ‘notnike’ also stated that ALL teams will partake in the Color Rush uniforms this year and shared the key colors of those uniforms.

We’ll share more information as it becomes available.

Lions Alternate Thanksgiving Uniforms:

Detroit Lions Alternate Uniform

Lions Alternate Black Uniforms:

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