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In this episode of the Detroit Lions Podcast, Chris and Case bring in the big guns by having our favorite hype guy Sandman join us to talk about his upcoming release We are also joined by Detroit Lions Multimedia Journalist, Tori Petry, to talk about everything important to Lions fans right now in the “Tori On Tap” segment.

One very important topic is that the Detroit Lions Podcast Fantasy Football League is back! Not only is it back, its going to be better than ever. Be sure to hit the website to join the league and get in-depth information about the rules.

News about the Lions begins when we are joined by everyone’s favorite Lions hype guy, Sandman, for the entirety of the “This Week In Reddit” segment. We talk about the latest Calvin Johnson news, and weigh in with what we think is going on and how things could be made better. We also have a great discussion about Matthew Stafford and what he brings to the team. Let’s not forget that Peyton Manning was 0-3 in his first three playoff games, its not time to panic about our QB. Chris also pokes the meme that there are “trade Stafford” people out there.

We discuss how awesome Dan Miller is and how we can’t wait to hear him yell, “Touchdown Detroit Lions!” again. As a matter of fact, we’re happy to announce that he will be joining us on next week’s show (Episode 110). Its always great to have Dan, and we look forward to his Lions’ season preview.

We take some time with Sandman to discuss his amazing new hype video. He gave us a sneak peek, and I can tell you that without a doubt, it is one of his finest pieces of work. What a great way to kick off a new season. We also spend some time discussing the evolution of the live post game show and how we plan on improving it this year. We think you’re going to love it.

Tori Petry joins the Detroit Lions Podcast this week, and she takes us through the rookies, vets, free agents performance at OTAs and minicamp, and even puts a point on Jim Bob Cooter’s evolution so far this year. She doesn’t shy away from the tough questions when we discuss the situation with Calvin Johnson or Armonty Bryant. Lastly, she finally brings news on when and how we will be able to get tickets for the August 5th Detroit Lions Training Camp Practice at Ford Field. Don’t forget, we are doing a get-together with our listeners and friends of the show, as well as an after-party/bar takeover that evening. Lot’s of great discussion here.

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