If The Lions Don’t Win The NFC North In 2017 Everyone Should Be Fired

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Here it is in fine print.

If the Lions don’t win the NFC North in 2017, everyone should be fired.

The play-calling has sucked. The Lions are decimated with injuries. There isn’t a pass-rush. They’re 0-3 against the NFC South. These are all true. What is also true is that Aaron Rodgers is out for significant time, if not the entire season with a collar-bone fracture.

Your current NFC North Quarterbacks:

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Packers-Brett Hundley, 0 starts, 44 career pass attempts.

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Bears-Mitchell Trubisky, Rookie, 2 career starts, 1 win.

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Vikings- Case Keenum, 6 years in NFL-3 teams, 10-17 overall record.

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Lions-Matthew Stafford, fastest QB ever to 25,000 passing yards, $27 million dollars a year.

You could have Hundley, Trubisky, and Keenum on your roster for 2.7 seasons for one season of Matthew Stafford’s salary. Matthew Stafford, according to the numbers, is 2.7 times better than these three bums combined.

There’s no reason for the Lions not to win the North for the first time in team history. It is served up on a platter for them, even at 3-3. This is the season where the first playoff game other than Super Bowl XL will be played at Ford Field. It just has to be, or else everything I thought about Stafford, Cooter, Caldwell and the rest of this coaching staff is wrong.

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Emmett Cleary didn’t know he was starting until 2 hours before the game.

My advice to Lions fans currently is to not panic. The last two games have looked ugly, but in both of them the team showed resiliency to battle back. In the Carolina game, they were a three and eight stop away from getting the ball back down three with 2:00 to go. In New Orleans, after being down 45-10, they had the ball down seven on their own one-yd line with five minutes to go and all three time outs. Every single game this year the Lions have been in, and the true mark of a Caldwell coached team is that no matter the circumstance, they always fight. The bye-week is coming at a perfect time in the year, and week eight Lions fans should expect to see most of the big names on the field and as healthy as they’ve been since week one.

The Lions at the very least on paper are currently the best team in the NFC North thanks to Anthony Barr. Beating the Vikings, Packers, and Bears will not be easy but it needs to be done if the coaching staff wants to be here in 2017. For any of those who think that Jim Caldwell’s extension this summer means anything, I give you Jeff Fischer.

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