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While the (relative) spotlight falls on the outstanding play of Quenton Nelson (and rightfully so), Isaiah Wynn could become a dominant player on the interior in his own right at much better value. Wynn was a U.S. Army All-American  in high school that started two years for Georgia, his first at guard in 2016 before kicking out to left tackle this past year. He was named a second-team All American this past season for one of the best rushing attacks in the nation.

The Bulldogs used Wynn in a pro-style, power running scheme that featured him frequently on pull and down blocks. He played out of both 2 and 3 point stances and frequently played on an island on vertical sets late in the down in the passing game. Wynn possesses below average height with a thick lower body and solid arm length with average athletic ability through good explosiveness, solid quickness and change of direction, and adequate balance.




Pro Position(s)


Prospect (Last, First)

Wynn, Isaiah

WDOB (Age)


Scout Name (Last, First)

Trapp, Zack


Height Weight 40 YD 10 YD Arm Hand Vert 3Cone SS Broad Bench
6026 313 lbs. n/a n/a 33 3/8 8 4/8” n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a



Wynn gets out of 2 and 3 point stances smoothly and stays in a powerful position with natural knee bend and a wide base. He’s a very good drive blocker that plays with constant upward push and gets his hands under the pads of defenders and rolls his hips into contact and runs his feet through it. He can kick out defensive ends on the edge and wash down 3-techs on down blocks.

He stays square to the line as a pull blocker and can get out to the edge and drive defensive backs and linebackers out of the way. On double teams, he gets into ideal shoulder-hat position and has solid timing to move to the second level, where he can move linebackers when he takes good angles. He possesses solid lateral movement on outside zone plays and can sustain push on the move and use circular force to seal or push defenders out wide to clarify the lane on the playside. Wynn is a relentless player that finishes blocks to the ground and through the whistle.

Wynn kicks out with solid set quickness, a wide base, low feet, and carries his hands high and tight with good timing to the set point. He picks up blitzes, stunts, and twists and plays to his help consistently. He has a quick punch to win the chest and hold the defender with measured extension. He works to reset his hands against various hand fighting. The guard works to keep his feet behind him and drops a strong anchor with little give by using small, backward hops.


Wynn plays too far behind his pads in the run game and will drop his eyes slightly and lunge into contact when he’s early. He ends up on the ground more often than you’d like because of this. He doesn’t consistently take good angles to the second level and will miss against quicker players as a result. Wynn possesses heavy feet and struggles to block players with an advantage in alignment on zone runs despite his strong path and positioning.

On vertical sets, Wynn will narrow his base when he’s pressed against speed. This issue could be more pronounced at the next level when he faces top competition. He lacks the change of direction skills to mirror inside counters against better finesse rushers.


There’s a lot to love about Wynn’s game and he figures to be an immediate impact starter at the next level. Although he could probably succeed at tackle for some teams, he’d be a better guard due to his lack of elite foot quickness. He’s best suited for a scheme that leverages his excellent play strength to generate movement in a power based run game. He’d be an immediate starter in Detroit at guard and could play at a Pro Bowl level early in his career. Wynn would be a great target in Round 1.

Grade: 6.90(Potential Pro Bowler)

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