Reuben Foster Will Be Suspended for the Lions Week 2 Game

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49ers Linebacker Reuben Foster Won’t Face the Lions in Week Two

Due to an off-season drug charge, Reuben Foster will not be available for the 49ers week 2 game against the Detroit Lions. His suspension was handed down this week and 9ers fans, as well as Foster, will gladly take it as a rape charge that proved false from an ex-girlfriend threatened his football career just two months earlier. The fact still remains that Foster has some maturing to do, and isn’t exactly in the good graces of the 49ers brass.

For many Lions fans like myself, Jarrad Davis and Reuben Foster will always be connected with one another. On draft night 2016, due to his injury history and a rough pre-draft process that included getting kicked out of the Indianapolis hospital where the physicals took place, Foster fell down the draft board. On talent alone, he was easily worth a top 10 pick, but he fell to 31 where the 49ers traded back into the 1st round to get him. At pick #21, I wanted the Lions to take Foster but understood the strategy to go with the safer, proven commodity in Davis. Especially at this time of year, guys like Foster are who keep NFL GMs up at night, wondering if they’ll wake up to a storm of news about their player’s run-in with the law.

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The fact of the matter is that as a rookie, Foster was a better player than Davis. However with Davis’ leadership qualities, impeccable character, as well as an obvious love for the game, once the Foster rape allegation came down the pipe it seemed that Quinn made the correct pick for the franchise. Now that Foster has been cleared of the charges, it’s unclear for myself who I’d rather have on my team. For the time being, the book is not closed on Davis, who has plenty of talent and ability, so I would probably still take him due to Foster’s penchant for being in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The Lions have caught a slight break by not having to play against Foster in week two. Only time will tell if Quinn made the right pick on Draft night in 2016.

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