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In this episode of The Detroit Lions Podcast, Chris is Joined by Jeff ‘The Riz’ Risdon, as we host one of Jeff’s favorite episodes yet. We spend a good deal of time breaking down the first preseason game against the Raiders, how camp is going, where the injury bug might be biting, and we talk with Dean Blandino about everything from where babies come from to what the officials are trying to accomplish with teams during camp.

Things kickoff with a quick recap and thank yous from us to everyone took part in the Training Camp Party. It was a great time and was made that way by all of the folks that took part. Thank you to everyone who joined us, and a special thanks to Fanatics for supporting the party with a number of amazing giveaways!

Once we’re done with that we dig in on the Lions training camp news and a review of the first preseason game. We’re not worried about the Lions not getting the win, but the fact that so many Lions were outplayed on an individual basis was worrisome. By the same token, the Lions held out Matthew Stafford, TJ Lang, Nevin Lawson and a few others, so it will be interesting to see how the team performs when their playmakers are in the game.  We both agree that the defensive front looked to be severely lacking, and there is some significant work to be done there.

The Detroit Lions Podcast also chats about an injury to Graham Glasgow (which doesn’t seem to be serious at this point) as well as share some insider feedback/intel on Rod Wood. Well worth the listen.

The Riz shares a very personal story related to the Lions great work in protecting players from the effects of the sun at practice in training camp. Well worth the time, and one of the most moving moments we’ve had on the show.

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Lastly, we are visited by a great friend to the show, former enemy of Lions fans, and recently minted Lions fan, Former VP of Officiating for the NFL and current rules analyst for Fox Sports, Dean Blandino. We have a wide ranging discussion about a number of topics starting with “where babies come from” – not joking here. It’s a fun discussion with all kinds of important and relevant info to help you get ready for next season.

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