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Preseason Breakdown By The Detroit Lions Podcast

In this episode of The Detroit Lions Podcast, Chris and Case break down the latest Lions news ahead of roster cuts including the latest limo driver rumors. We also talk up the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game review. Also, we are joined by Jeff “The Riz” Risdon to talk preseason strategy, and the great performance by Hakeem Valles. We also share thoughts about Golden Tate after reading Lucas’s article on DetroitLionsPodcast.com.

First, the guys take a look at the Detroit Lions and Tampa Bay Buccaneers game. Was this a case of Matt Patricia flexing his muscles around the roster’s depth or should we be concerned about how the number ones performed? For a preseason dress rehearsal, there’s a lot of chatter out there about this game, and we’ll help you cut through it all and get to the bottom line.

Hey, how about Khalil Mack? You feel like trusting a limo driver?  The reality is that a radio personality is reporting something told to him by a guy who talked to a limo driver. The Detroit Lions Podcast heard Mack’s starting with the team on cut day to help the beat writers have more to write about. Also, don’t believe anything related to the rumors of Mack to Detroit. Don’t let Detroiters continue to be the perfect mark for trolls. It feels so dumb.

Detroit Lions Podcast Predicts Roster Cuts

We also talk about roster cut-downs, who makes the roster, and who doesn’t. There are a couple of surprising takes in here. Definitely worth talking about and maybe even calling Case names on twitter for his rank insanity. We also give the “Great Lakes Classic” more time than it likely deserves.

After that, the Riz jumps on the Detroit Lions Podcast to talk about Chris Burke’s article in the Athletic about Matt Patricia’s likely preseason strategy. He also explains why you need not worry so much about the team’s performance so far.  Risdon also talks Hakeem Valles and why he’s guaranteed to make the team. Also we discuss a scenario Lucas (one of our Detroit Lions Podcast writers) put together about one consideration that could play out in regards to Golden Tate. It sparks a serious conversation about a topic that no one really wants to broach, just yet.

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