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Detroit Lions Podcast Episode 167

In this episode of The Detroit Lions Podcast, Chris and Case break down the latest Lions news ahead of the season opener against the New York Jets. The guys cover the final 53-man roster, the Khalil Mack trade (and what it means for the Detroit Lions), some recent signings, and Case takes us ‘Around the Division’. We’re not done there, we take a listener call for Fansanity, after which the Riz joins us for a segment with a magical rant.

First, the guys clean up the mess that was the preseason with a breakdown of the game against the Cleveland Browns. It was hard to watch, and helps a fan understand just how great the regular season is. Thank goodness that is all behind us. Now its time to get to the real stuff.

Cut Down To 53

Since the Lions established their 53-man roster, we talk about who made it, and who didn’t. We discuss things we would have done differently. Then we set up for future discussion about our choices and the ones Bob Quinn made. These just might prove interesting as the year progresses.

So Khalil Mack is in Chicago these days, eh? The Detroit Lions Podcast doesn’t let you down. We discuss this at a few different points in the show and break down what it means for the Lions. We also talk about how it affects the NFC North as a whole, but you’ll have stick around for Case’s ‘Around the Division’ segment to hear that.

Athalon Sports reveals how ignorant they can be by asserting that Matthew Stafford is a higher injury risk that Sam Bradford. Everyone knows that Sam was glued together with baling wire and duct tape last year. It’s a ridiculous assertion from an outlet that can’t be serious. Just skip past these headlines and don’t give these people clicks. The Detroit Lions Podcast covers a whole lot more including taking a great fan call in the ‘Fansanity’ segment.

We Never Forget ‘The Riz’ On The Detroit Lions Podcast

Lastly, the Riz joins us for “Riz’s Wisdom”. We take a call from a highly triggered Detroit Lions fan and break it down to basics. The guys sounds like a total lunatic.  We break down the Quandre Diggs deal. The guys explain what it means for the defense, and how this looks like an awesome move for the team. Also, we discuss a Jeff Risdon article on Lionswire where he highlights a significant change in focus from Matt Patricia. He clearly articulates what the preseason was for, and the savvy listener/reader just might figure out that things aren’t as bad as the whiners might have you believe.

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