Ep: 174 – Lions Rockin’ Into The Bye week – The Detroit Lions Podcast

In this episode of The Detroit Lions Podcast, Chris and Case are joined by Jeff (The Riz) Risdon to break down this week in Detroit Lions news. Coming off a big win over the Green Bay Packers and heading into the Bye week at just the right time shows that things are finally starting to align in the Lions’ favor.

We start the show with more listener calls, not nearly as much heat as in the past, but good stuff from our listeners nonetheless. These calls give voice to Lions fans, and we will continue to allow our listeners to put *anyone* on blast every week. You call (929) 33-Lions, we’ll put it on the air. Go ahead and vent, it’s the only way to clear the air.

The Lions Beat The Green Bay Packers

From there we go into game review mode. Any time the Detroit Lions prevail over the Green Bay Packers (FTP) is a great time and this one was no different. We talk about whether this was a Lions win, a Packers loss, a little of both, and whether or not that conversation really even matters. No matter your thoughts on this, it was a great win.

From there we talk about the Lions sack numbers and the pressure generated by the front seven. Do coverage sacks count as sacks? Should they? How should we think about this Detroit Lions Defense? The Detroit Lions Podcast will talk about all that and peer into the Lions’ future to see how things are lining up for Free Agency and the Draft and how that might help this team. Make sure to take the names of those who say that Bob Quinn can’t draft – it will be fun to rub their noses in it in the future.

Kenny Golladay. Does he need a nickname? Why are people trying so hard to put a label on him? These things need to happen organically. Case just about loses his shit when we work through some of the nickname suggestions that have popped up recently. In the end, Chris likes to think he’s got the best names so far. Make sure to listen closely to the show – the names “Smash” or “Punch” are likely the best that have popped up so far.  Its related to Haha Clinton-Dix comments about Golladay after last week’s game.

We also discuss Ziggy’s injury situation, and Case takes us ‘Around The Division’.

Dean Blandino Joins The Detroit Lions Podcast

After all that, longtime friend of the Detroit Lions Podcast, Dean Blandino joins the boys for a heck of a chat. We cover a lot of really good content about the rules, calls that have been made, bad calls that have affected the Lions, and fan the flames of a new Twitter beef between Dean and former NFL official and Rules Analyst for NBC, Terry McAulay.  We expect a total blood feud here. Fox vs. NBC – Game On!

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