Ep: 180 – Detroit Lions & Minnesota Vikings Postgame Show – The Detroit Lions Podcast

In this live episode of The Detroit Lions Podcast, Chris is joined by Sandman and Mike the Ambling Bastard to conduct a live postgame therapy session for Lions fans after the Detroit Lions lost to the Minnesota Vikings today.  It was a tough game that has a number of implications.  Also, the boys discuss what it means and take your calls.

This was a game that the Lions needed to win. Their division record is going to be pivotal in their run to make the playoffs this year. This loss makes their path to the playoffs very narrow, and Chris, Sandman, and Mike discuss what that path might look like. Rest assured, it includes winning out against their divisional opponents for the rest of the season.

Detroit Lions Podcast Discusses Lions Offensive Struggles

We also spend some time discussing Jim Bob Cooter and his future with the team.  His time here has not been marked by massive success and we describe what keeping him and canning him might look like. There are a number of issues involved with replacing an offensive coordinator, and we highlight the most important ones.

Also, we take your calls and conduct our standard post-game therapy session to help you cope with the upcoming work week and bitter taste that comes from a loss like this. Definitely a needed prescription.

A hearty thank you to everyone who took the time to join us for the live post game version of the Detroit Lions Podcast!

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